How To Loan Airtime on Airtel Nigeria

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I recently discovered that you could loan airtime/credit on the Airtel network. I was on a quest for another thing entirely when I saw this tip and I just thought that it must be shared.

This is how it works, take for example you are in an emergency situation and you really need to make a phone call and there is no place to purchase airtime in sight or perhaps it is late in the night what do you do?.

This is where this new service comes in. It allows you to load airtime on your Airtel powered phone without actually recharging with a grace of four days for you to pay back what you loaned by recharging the amount.

A feature of this service which I do not really consider bad is that there is a 10 Naira service fee deducted by Airtel when you loan. As such, if you loan 200 Naira, you will get 180 Naira in your account with 20 Naira going to Airtel.

If you use Airtel and you want to loan airtime, all you need do is type *500*Amount you want to loan#. For example *500*200# with the 200 being the amount you want to loan.

I think this is a very good initiative by Airtel but the major gripe that I have with them is that it has not been given much promotion like their other packages but that aside I think it is a very good move for once. What do you think?

  1. If you ask me, this is what I call innovative!

    It is basic, but can be of immense benefit to everyone. What’s the maximum amount that can be loaned?

    Now, I should carry my Airtel line around as a backup line. You never know….

  2. Dear Olalere, I tried the airtel loan stuff and I was told am not elligible…..that they were gona tell me when I’ll be elligible….can u shed more light on that bro?

  3. Great idea from AirTel. I wonder why our networks do not publicize certain features.

    The Etisalat Pay4me (and similar), would also be a less effective alternative.

    Now, I should carry my Airtel line around as a backup line. You never know….

    Haha! A big boy like u would be on Post Paid. Naturally!

  4. wonderful.. there are so many value added services being offered by these network providers which you only get to know by visiting their website. the question is, how many sunscribers actually visit those sites, so they should deploy other means of product enlightenment.

  5. This is really good development from Airtel.
    This can be a life saver someday. I would rather Airtel do not increase the maximum amount one can borrow beyond N200, otherwise some people are going to start abusing the service that would eventually lead its demise.

  6. I tried it out too but was told I was not qualified. I suspect that only subscribers with a regular usage pattern can be eligible for this. A casual user like myself will stand no chance.

    That makes sense, business-wise.

  7. That’s a very good one Emmanuel. I was so pressed for airtime as is the best option for me to raise myself money since I was totally out of cash and completely surrounded by needs. I was searching how to redeemed my rewardz point for airtime when I hit this info and quickly explore the loan, it works effectively just as emmanuel said you get your loan minus 10% for service fee. Good work Emmanuel keep it up.

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