How To Make Your Airtel Modem Faster [Humour]

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I am sure that you remember Airtel’s recent “Fast Is An Attitude” campaign with nostalgia. Apparently, it is not only here in Nigeria that the “fast” thing is rubbing off wrong on users on that network. I ran into a classical jibe at Airtel on Twitter yesterday from a Kenyan resident. I tried to copy the codes so I can embed the tweet here, but it kept giving me a server connection error, so I shall just link to it and paste here as well. The offending tweet says:

I finally figured out how to make the Airtel modem faster. I threw it through the window, it went really fast.

I was in stitches for quite a while after reading that. It rang a bell with me because that sounds like an apt solution to my experience with internet service on Airtel. Jokes aside, we all know that location is a factor, and so I am sure that there are others having a pleasurable internet experience on the Airtel network.

Here is the screenshot:
Make Airtel modem faster


  1. I can understand the frustration that led to that jibe.
    however, i have been using Airtel for data for about five months.

    Actually works consistently, . am not complaining at all.

    better than Glo and etisalat in my area. So far.

  2. Would rather take a crap, gently plop my Starcomms modem into the ‘broth’ and flush. the modem would return to its home…with sh*t.

  3. airtel for me here in ph is stable only when u get 3g signal at least its better than mtn and glo who are rebranding and yet the service is not getting better etisalat is my back up plan for now once airtel is down

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