How To Make The Best Of Multi-tasking On Android

Coming from the simple, straightforward world of multi-tasking on Nokia’s Belle OS, I have found the multi-tasking experience on Android quite less than satisfactory, as a number of others have.

Fortunately, a couple of Mobilists have been kind to provide tips for getting the best out of multi-tasking on Android. I have added the first two tips myself, but note that I haven’t implemented any of the tips contributed by others, so I cannot vouch for how well they work. Here we go:

  1. Get a device with the biggest RAM possible. I have used devices equipped with 1GB RAM and still had background apps shut down regularly, so the bigger the RAM, the better.
  2. Get a device without a custom skin. Custom skins e.g. Sense UI, TouchWiz, and MotoBlur, all gobble up essential RAM before any other apps even start running and take precedence over every other app on your mobile. I vouch for this. Vanilla Android multitasking better than the skinned versions
  3. Go into your device’s settings to disable specific background processes that you do not need
  4. Don’t use the Home button when you want to leave an app. I don’t get this, but then do try it. Who knows…?
  5. Peg priority apps & services to the notification bar. I am told that the OS intelligently recognizes that apps pinned to the notification bar are important to you.
  6. Make sure that background data is turned on and always on. You can enable this in your settings menu.

There it is. If you have been unsatisfied with how multi-tasking works on your Android device, give the above tips a go. If you run into any issues, just post a comment below and I’m sure that fellow Android users here will be able to help.

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