How to manually update your Blackberry firmware

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If you have a Blackberry device that has an available firmware update, but for some reason you are unable to update via the regular process, here is how to go about it.

  1. Download software update from here
  2. Run and install the newly downloaded program
  3. Do not mark the option to open Desktop Manager when finalizing the install
  4. Go to C:Program Files/Common Files/Research In Motion/AppLoader and delete Vendor.xml
  5. Connect BlackBerry to USB
  6. Open Desktop Manager

You should be prompted for the update at this point. (If not, select “Update” in desktop manager) and you’ll get the prompt for the update. When presented with the menu in the shot below, select “View other Versions”, and pick the appropriate firmware version installed on your PC (local installation).

BB update view other

Complete the process from there.

Please backup your Blackberry device first using the Desktop Manager

This how-to is a public service only. You upgrade your device manually at your own risk.


  1. Or alternatively,Go to C:Program Files/Common Files/Research In Motion/AppLoader and click on the app loader icon to start the update process.

    Please kindly follow the instructions to the letter and please ensure the usb connection is secure else you risk bricking your device. I speak from experience as I have successfully updated at least six BlackBerry smartphones.

  2. Thanks a lot Yomi. How can I ever repay you. I’m now in the process of downloading the software and I have a feeling that it’s gonna work. Thanks again once more. Keep it up!

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