How to move your BBM contacts without resending friend requests

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So you have a new BlackBerry smartphone with 99 (or 666) BlackBerry Messenger contacts, and you want to move your contacts from the old device to the new one without having to manually re-send a BBM request.

BlackBerry Messenger offers a Backup Management feature that makes this easy-peachy.

Backup from Current phone

Open BBM on your current phone, hit the menu button and scroll down to Options. Follow these steps:

Options – Backup Management – Back Up
Next page: select Back up files locally
Next page: Select Auto save**, then hit “Back up Now”
Next page: Save file to Media Card

**Auto Save means that your BBM Contacts list is backed up up automatically when changes are made to it.

Restore on new phone

On your new blackberry device, insert your media card, setup your BlackBerry service, and launch BlackBerry Messenger. Use the Menu button to find Options and follow these steps:

Options – Backup Management – Restore
Next page: select Restore using a backup file from media card
Next page: Select File – Just scroll down till you see a file named in the format “BBM-(12-03-23).con” The part in parenthesis is the date of the backup file. Choose the latest file and this will be restored to your BBM.



  1. This is a quick and easy method of transferring contacts.

    What I did, was to use Blackberry Desktop Software to transfer data between the 2 phones. There’s a feature in it called “SWITCH DEVICES” that transfers selected data from an old Bb to another. This method can take about 20 minutes to implement, though.

  2. I have updated bbm to version and there is no option for “backup management”,how do I transfer my BBM contacts to a new BB

  3. Hello,

    For some reason my BBM contacts were not automatically transfered to a new BB,please assist,

    Thank you

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