How to port your mobile number from your current provider to another

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If you are interested in porting your mobile number from your current service provider to another, here is how to go about it:

1. To move your number to a new mobile operator, you need to bring the following into the new operator’s stores: Proof of identity – Either an identity card, passport or driving licence or an officially validated photographic identity document, and the working mobile number you wish to port. If you are unable to present any ID card, a webcam will be used to take your photograph.

2. Do not terminate your service with your existing service provider before initiating porting with the new service provider.

3. Go to the customer care office, retail shop or outlet of their chosen new service provider and meet with the authorized sales person to request to port their number. Porting can only be undertaken by visiting the customer care office, retail shop or authorised dealer of your chosen new service provider and is not available by telephone, online or other electronic means.

4. You will be required to complete a Port Request Form. You will also be asked to send a text message with the word “PORT” to a short code “3232”. Assistance will be made available if required.

5. You can change your mind any time before you send the confirmation SMS. Once the confirmation SMS has been sent, you can no longer cancel your port request and the porting process must progress to completion.

6. You will be issued a new SIM by your new provider which you must switch to after your port is complete. You will be informed of the progress of your porting request by text messages, so you will know when to discard your old SIM card and start using the new.

7. Your port will be completed within 48 hours. If your porting request is rejected or fails to complete, you need to contact your new service provider to resolve the problem.

A few more things to note:

– “Pre-paid” customers won’t be able to take outstanding credit with them, and should use it up before they switch service providers.

– Messages which have been sent to the customer prior to porting, but not delivered, may be lost.

– You can port your number as many times as you like in a given year. However, there is a 90 days restriction before your next port.

– After porting is complete, you will lose all services on the old provider and have to setup new services on the new network.

– Yes; though you get a new SIM card from your new provider, your mobile number remains unchanged.

Download the full official MNP guide from NCC (213KB; PDF)


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  1. “You can port your number as many times as you like in a given year. However, there is a 90 days restriction before your next port.” Shouldn’t that mean I can port just about four (4) times within 12 months?

  2. All our mobile networks have one problem or the other. Its a good idea sha but if I may ask, does it cost anything to port? And don’t u think the duration of 90days is too long?

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