I know that this headline is absurd, and no; I am not talking about calls over a Wifi network. This just happened to me now.

How To Receive Phone Calls On the Nokia N8 Without A SIM Card

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Nokia N8
I know that this headline is absurd, and no; I am not talking about calls over a Wifi network. This just happened to me now. It is the future of mobile technology. And it happened on my year-old Nokia N8.

Early this morning, I got bored and thought of trying out the N8 again as my primary phone for a while, so I put my SIM card back into it. I experienced some freezing here and there, got frustrated and decided to get back on with my life, so I pulled out the SIM.

About two minutes after pulling out the SIM, my N8 rang with an incoming call from Mobility’s Business Development Partner, Jesse!! I sat there for a few moments staring at the ringing phone and the SIM lying beside it (I hadn’t popped it into another mobile yet). Wifi was off. Bluetooth was off. And there was no SIM card in the damn phone!

I mean, tekinologi!!

I picked the phone and exchanged a few words with Jesse before the call cut and the phone displayed “Connection Error”.

I dropped thee N8, picked up the SIM and put it into my N9, and in about 30 seconds, Jesse called back to complete our discussion. I know he won’t believe this, because I didn’t tell him what just happened. I just wanted to end the call ASAP and blog about it.

Tell me something I don’t know! Yes; I know, I haven’t told you how to receive calls on a Nokia N8 without a SIM card. But at least, I did experience it. Guinness Book of World Records, where are you?

I swear I didn’t make this story up.


  1. Yomi, I know you did not make it up because I’ve had a similar experience.

    I had my Airtel SIM in my N8 and had it replaced with my glo line without switching the phone off. The phone did not restart as it usually does in such situation. Instead it still showed the available network to be Airtel. Meanwhile, I had not put the Airtel Sim into another phone. I was curious, so I decided to make a call. I called my MTN line which was in another phone,. The call went through and the calling number displayed was my Airtel number (which was lying in front of me). I went ahead to pick the call. After a few seconds, it disconnected and showed confection error. The phone then did a reboot. When I later checked the balance on my Airtel line I found out deduction was made for the call (I just loaded a card before switching SIMs.

    That is enough for me to know that you did not make up your story.

  2. I’ve experienced this with a Tecno phone some two years back (Tecno T570 to be precise). I wanted to use one of the SIM in another phone without switching off and was thinking it would just indicate that SIM2 is not inserted, but instead it maintained connection for long enough that got a call through it, though the call ended prematurely.

  3. well maybe the sim data was still stuck somewhere in the ram and caused the phone to think it still had a sim card. but then when it started to re authenticate it self it found no sim card to pull data from so you got the connection error. I work with GPS based systems and first thing we experience when we turn on our equipment is final stages of last session data before it refreshes. If you apple geeks already heard that iphone is experiencing with a no sim card phone as that data will be uploaded to your phone via carrier all you do is give them your phones IMEI

  4. I have the n8 for almost 7 years now and what u are saying is true. Only the N8 has dis ability

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