Frozen: How to restart your unresponsive Android smartphone

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Sometime in the past, smartphones all came with removable batteries. If your smartphone freezes (becomes unresponsive), you simply pull off the back cover to remove the battery for a few seconds. After that, you put the battery back in, power on the phone and you are good to go. Unfortunately, many smartphones now come with non-removable batteries. So, what do you do if your frozen or unresponsive Android smartphone has a non-removable battery?

Restarting An Unresponsive Android smartphone

If you get a visit from the Ice Queen and your Android smartphone with a non-removable battery freezes up and becomes unresponsive, do not panic. You can get it working back in a few minutes.

To restart/reboot an unresponsive Android smartphone, press and hold down the power key and volume down key till the phone shuts down. It should only take a few moments. Then, press the Power key to restart the device if it doesn’t restart automatically.

Will This Affect My Files?

No; carrying out the above procedure will not wipe anything on your smartphone. All your photos, images, documents, music and videos will stay intact.

Don’t forget the key combination: press and hold down the power key + volume down key till the phone shuts down.


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