How To Revoke Application Access On Social Networks

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mobilityMost times when we just install a new application, it asks us to grant it permission on either Facebook and Twitter and we grant it because we want to use the application. Most times after we uninstall the application or we do not use the application again we forget to revoke that access and that means that the application still has access to either your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Being that I hear about protecting your self online, I decided that you guys should probably have this tip handy for when you uninstall or stop using an app because if you do not revoke the access, the application can still have access to all your data.

To revoke application access on Twitter, just go to the Twitter Apps Page.

To revoke application access on Facebook, just go to the Facebook App Security page

I hope that you really take time to review all the applications that you have given access to and see the one that you use and the ones that you do not.


  1. That’s really a useful tip. I’m sure I may have forgotten things like this at one point or another.

    I believe changing your password should also achieve same result.

  2. Very timely after trialing a number of apps for both Twitter and Facebook. The only tricky bit was that my phone wouldn’t let me switch from mobile to standard view to access the settings for Twitter. Found changing browsers did help.

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