How to rollover GLO BIS data

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I’ve been using  GLO BIS subscription for sometime now which works by text Comonth to 777. Its kinda funny, I never knew rollover works on it.

Before now, like a patient dog, I slowly use my data till whenever its on the verge of running down, I top up N1000 and it will auto-renew. It feels like being brought out of darkness and into the light, after learning of this rollover feature.

How the rollover works:

When you already have an active subscription, Simply top up your N1000 and text Comonth to 777 like you’re doing a fresh subscription, you will receive a text saying,


” Your Comonth has been extended. Your plan will now expire on so-so date/time”.


You data will accumulate, and 30 days will be added to your remaining validity days. Cool isn’t it?


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  1. That’s what I’ve been enjoying on my Android device for quite sometimes now. Just simply change the imei of your Android device (back it up somewhere) and replace it with scraped BB imei number and enjoy glo 3gb bis plan right away.

  2. It worked!!! Thanks poster, I thought I was gonna lose over 1G…thanks yet again

  3. Have been using the rollover for sometime now…I loaded & I decide to rollover again the next day by loading again but this was the response…

    “Sorry, you are not allowed to make this change. Kindly choose another Data Plan.

    Is there anything I can do?

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