How to schedule email messages to be sent later

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This morning around 4am, I needed to send someone an email, but wished the mail could be scheduled so it would only send at exactly 9am. You see, I will be occupied at 9am, but really need that email to go out at that time. I needed to be a able to schedule that mail.

Good old email is still one of the most convenient and effective means of communication in the digital world, and that isn’t like to change soon. The onslaught of social media has done nothing to shake the rock solid table that email is standing on.

schedule emails to be sent later

Microsoft Outlook has always been positioned as a tool for businesses and enterprises, so not surprisingly, Outlook has the email scheduling feature built in. Here is the way to go about it:

How To Schedule Sending Email Messages Using Outlook

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook
  2. In the email composition pane, click Options.
  3. Under More Options, click Delay Delivery.
  4. Under Delivery options, select the Do not deliver before check box, and then click the delivery date and time that you want.
  5. Next, click Send, and your composed email will remain in the Outbox folder until the delivery time you have set.

How To Schedule Sending Gmail Messages

But I do not use Outlook. How do I schedule with Gmail? Sadly, the feature is not built in, but there are 3rd party apps or services that you can use to pull it off. One is LetterMeLater. There is Right Inbox too. And another is Boomerang. The former is a web service, but Boomerang tops the cake with convenience, as it has a mobile app in addition to being available as a web extension for Chrome and Firefox.

Even more, Boomerang works with both Gmail and Outlook email accounts, so you can use it to schedule your mails on both platforms on your Android smartphone. You can download Boomerang HERE.

Email Needs To Improve

For something that is perhaps the most widely used digital tool for business in 2018, it felt odd to know that Gmail does not have a scheduling feature built in. Come on. Email and business are bedmates. In business, scheduling is super important.

I have an email I do not want to send now but want to remember to send at a particular time. Right now, the painful manual way to do it in Gmail is first save the draft, then set a reminder in my Calendar for when I want to send it, and hope that I am not distracted or out of internet coverage area when that time comes.

Isn’t it odd that we have artificial intelligence like Siri and Google Assistant and Alexa, but we cannot schedule an email? I should be able to get Google Assistant to compose an email and send it at a later time. That would be cool. Email services in general need to get better, and scheduling is a very good place to start. There should be no need for users to hunt around for 3rd party extensions or apps to get it done.


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  1. This is not just an important post, it is also resourceful one. Thanks Mr Mo. I agree with you on that.. Google and Co should do better. This feature is way to important.

  2. I’m surprised Gmail doesn’t have this service built in. Email scheduling is so very necessary, especially in the corporate world.

  3. You would find most third party email app worth its salt with that feature (scheduling).

    Google is trying, but generally, apps by the platform owner are hardly ever as good third-party apps simply because that’s not the core focus .

    The third party app developer can devote more energy and time to. make a better app, almost all the time..

    So, for. me, third party is it, almost all the time ! That way, I hardly lack any functionality I desire..

    Good old email is still one of the most convenient and effective means of communication in the digital world, and that isn’t like to change soon.

    I disagree heartily, but that could be a debate for another day.

    With the like of WhatsApp for Business, that assertion is certainly questionable…

  4. LOL. WhatsApp for Business Kwa? We get an average of 20 messages on our WfB every week, while our email account gets nothing less than 50 each day.

    Please don’t start. 😁

  5. Well, this is a debate for another day.

    The billions of messages WhatsApp processes daily, is it just about fake news and gossip?

    OK na

  6. You can’t compare an Instant Messaging services to a fully functional good old email service.

    Not the same group really.

    Mr Mo… I am with you, Google, Yahoo for heaven’s sake, upgrade this to your email services already.


  7. So quick question… If u r out of Internet coverage, would the scheduled mail still send? So it only comes in to save the day in the case of being too busy

  8. Ehis,

    Similar to how scheduling WordPress posts or Facebook/Twitter updates work, when you schedule an email, it is scheduled on the server and so will not require you to be connected to the internet at the time of sending.

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