How to send money from MTN Rwanda to Safaricom Kenya or MTN Uganda

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Safaricom Kenya and MTN Rwanda have opened their networks to one anther to enable M-PESA and MTN Mobile Money and M-PESA users send and receive money seamlessly between the two countries. This is following the recent opening up of mobile money remittances between MTN Uganda and MTN Rwanda subscribers. A such subscribers can send money from MTN Rwanda to subscribers in Kenya and Uganda.

MTN Mobile Money M-PESA - send money from MTN Rwanda

Here is how MTN Rwanda subscribers can use the service to remit cash to Uganda (MTN) or Kenya (Safaricom M-PESA):

  • To send money, dial *830# from their handsets and follow prompts.
  • To check the status of the transaction, dial *182# and go to Pending Approvals. Upon sending they will receive a confirmation message that the transaction has gone through.


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  1. These are simple and easy ways to send money from one to another in 3rd world countries with not so good financial institutions,it’s a pity it never really caught on in Nigeria..

  2. Come to think of it,with MTN being the main facilitator of these payments how come they are not really pushing it so much in Naija..

  3. I also think this cash transfer will have limitation and checks. Or else I’m seeing a fast route for money laundering

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