How To Send SMS to Alternative Numbers in Windows Phone

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In my earlier article, Switching from Symbian to Windows Phone Is Tough!, I mentioned that I was unable to send SMS to any numbers not saved as “Mobile” in Windows Phone. Tonight, I found two ways to do it.

If you open the SMS compose menu on Windows phone and simply type out the name of your intended recipient, the OS will only present you numbers saved as “Mobile phone” (and only one such slot is available for each unlinked Contact). You will be unable to send SMS to all other numbers saved as “Work phone” or “Home phone”. But, it isn’t impossible. It just takes some extra steps.

At the top right corner of the compose menu is a tiny plus sign in a circle Tap that icon to display your Contacts list, and go select the contact and which number you want to send to from there. Long journey, but at least…

Also, if wanting to send SMS from the PeopleHub, once you are in SMS compaose mode (which has slightly different icons from the compose mode if you came through the Messaging menu), there is an icon at the bottom row of the screen. It is “two arrows pointing in opposite directions encased in a circle”. Tap it to display all numbers listed under the contact and make your choice from there. I believe that this is what Jmaine referred to in response to my earlier article.

Initiating the “More Phone Numbers” option throws out the alternate numbers you desire to SMS. Pick your choice and you are good to go.

There is currently no straightforward way to get screenshots on WP7, and I do not want to mess around with hacks on my device, so apologies for the lack of illustrations.


  1. Even in the absence of screen shots its quite explanatory.

    The best thing for people who like WP is to get something like a Lumia 620 and grow in use with Windows Phone. Using it as a main phone and only phone for a techy person is just hard for now.

    But I seriously feel that Microsoft needs to be faster in bringing up Windows Phone to par with other OS, even BB came with a bang

  2. Microsoft is the slow one here that’s Y the iphone sells over der simplicity for non techy people , if they don’t act fast BB10 will steal 3rd Possition.I just hope nokia has a plan B cos dey av nice hardware

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