How to set up a Custom Lock Pattern on your Android device

This is my first Android tip of the week. It is a simple and straight forward tip which some already use, while many are still not aware of it. This is a “non-pincode” top-notch security feature. It is more valued by those who want to lock their device without making use of pin codes and the default swipe gesture.

android lock patternWhen I first bought my tablet, I was looking for an easy way to restrict access to the device. To me, the swipe lock means that everyone is only a “swipe away” from full access to my contents.

You can decide to lock your device using the traditional lock code feature, punching codes (especially if it’s more than 4 digits) on my screen is work for me.

There are numerous Security apps in the Android Market that have their own custom lock pattern creator, but I prefer to work with the in-built feature. I might be testing some of them out soon for review purposes, though.

So, Android’s custom lock pattern allows you to create your own Lock pattern instead of the default swipe pattern. The Custom Lock Pattern option works by simply connecting dots (by sliding) to form a lock pattern.

To activate,

  • Navigate to “Settings” and Select “Security”
  • Then select Unlock pattern to set your custom lock pattern.
  • Read the instructions on the screen and click/tap Next
  • Watch the example pattern and click/tap Next
  • Draw your personal unlock pattern. Then click/tap Continue
  • Draw the pattern again to confirm. Then click/tap Confirm

Please Note that the above instructions may not appear exactly as presented above on your own device; but the process is the same for most Android smartphones and tablets.

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  1. What if one forgets the pattern? Tho that’s something that can never happen sha….well you never can tell.

  2. (
    What if one forgets the pattern? Tho that’s something that can never happen sha….well you never can tell.

    It did happen with me o. But i lster remembered the pattern i specified.

    The symbian version is a square grid of nine dots. My statistix 909 tells me there are 1,234,567,890 (or something!) ways to specify a pattern- by connecting the dots.

    If u forget it, you have to reset your phone…


  3. I really doubt If there’s anyone using an Android device that doesn’t know this.

    @Eyebeekay If you forget the pattern, you have the option of unlocking the phone with your email and password.

  4. I don’t really like delays on my way to accessing my android. I will rather secure the specific files I want to keep of prowling eyes.

  5. thank you Oluwatobi for your article. Its very helpful.
    I just got my SGSII yesterday & it worths every kobo I spent on it. Am realy loving it.

  6. @Ernest Ojeh, I am happy it’s a real doubt, lol!. Not everyone knows, as I have met numerous users who don’t know. There are even more simple things that I am usually surprised when I meet users who don’t know them. We won’t assume everybody knows on Mobility; and the tip is also for android newbies who may not know.

    @Jikong1 the SGSII is very good. You’ll love it.

    Thank you all

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