How to show/hide CPU usage on your Blackberry 10

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While playing with the Blackberry 10 I discovered something funny. At a point the CPU usage appeared on the phone’s screen (see images below). I panicked and rushed to reboot the phone. “What could be the cause of this?” I asked.

Blackberry-10-CPU-usage (1)

I was able to see what made this happen. First thing to do is swipe diagonally as indicated by the arrow. From the top left side of the screen down. This makes the numbers appear.

Blackberry-10-CPU-usage (3)Swipe it again, and the same CPU usage, appears in a graphical form. Rising and falling as you do stuff on the phone.

Blackberry-10-CPU-usage (2)

Do the same swipe one last time, and the whole thing disappears. Just in case you find yourself in such situations, you know what to do.

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