How To Stop Your Phone Playing Random Music By Itself

The first time I experienced my smartphone playing random music by itself, I was taken aback, naturally. One moment, it was lying there, all silent, and the next, it started playing music, all by itself. I didn’t touch anything. I quickly assumed it was from a social media app like Instagram or TikTok, but closing those apps did not fix the problem.

I had just finished carrying out a task on it (I don’t remember what anymore) and had dropped the phone on the table in front of me, when it began to play a music track that I knew I didn’t have on the phone. It just happened like that.

How To Stop Your Phone Playing Random Music By Itself

I knew enough to know that this kind of thing only happens when something isn’t functioning properly. The usual suspects were:

  • A rogue app that has built-in ads or malware that triggers the music. You can check your recently used apps and uninstall any suspicious ones. Any app that you installed just before the random music started is a prime suspect.
  • A software bug in an authentic app.
  • A website that has poorly executed advertisements that play music even after you close the browser. You can block such websites or clear your browser cache and cookies.
  • A software malfunction or a bug in the system that causes the music player to activate randomly. You can try rebooting your phone, updating your software, or resetting your phone to factory settings, the reset being a last resort.

I wondered if it was the Web browser and closed that; it didn’t work. I closed another app; it didn’t work. And then, I used the recent apps menu to close all running apps; that didn’t work either. The phone just kept playing the music.

Why would my phone be playing random music this way? What app was responsible? Anyway, I was sure that shutting down and restarting the phone would solve the problem. It did, sort of. Temporarily. The random music playing didn’t come back immediately. It didn’t even come back the next day. But it did eventually. And I am writing this article because it came back again early this evening and I knew I had to find a fix for it.

The Solution To My Phone Playing Random Music By Itself

When the phone started playing music by itself again tonight, I meticulously went through all the options I could think of, then checked for app permissions for audio and music. I found this under Settings > Privacy Dashboard > Music and Audio.

With my phone playing random music, I then proceeded to disable access for each of the listed apps. When eventually, I disabled permissions for Music and Audio for WhatsApp, the playing music stopped promptly. Apparently, WhatsApp was the culprit in my case. I wonder which WhatsApp Group had the file that was playing.

Stop Your Phone Playing Random Music with Privacy Guard or Dashboard

Depending on the brand behind your Android smartphone the specific terminology for finding the per.ission menu might differ slightly. For example, some phones have Privacy Dashboard called Privacy Guard. The path to find it will be: Settings > Privacy > Privacy Guard > Advanced > Media. And then, you can walk through each all to see which is the culprit. I suggest that you start with WhatsApp, seeing as it was the culprit at my end. That just might be the same at yours.

If disabling permission for WhatsApp doesn’t fix the issue on your phone, that means another app is the culprit in your case. Patiently disable for each app listed in that menu till you find the offender.

If you have never experienced this before, now you know what to do should you ever find your phone playing random music all by itself. It isn’t possession or any paranormal activity. It is most likely a case of a bug in an app. And that, you can fix easily.

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