How to trade-in your old iPhone for iPhone 6

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iPhone users in Nigeria can trade in their phone for a new one, courtesy of iStore in Ikeja Mall, Lagos. The trade-in is for 50% of the value of their current phone. Buyers can trade-in up to two Apple iPhones and use the total trade-in value towards a single new iPhone.


To enjoy these deals, you need to register online at to obtain your trade-in voucher. The voucher will be sent by email, and can be used at iStore to trade in your current iPhone for a brand new one.


  1. lol, Nigeria is always behind the curve. asking people to swap their old devices as part payment for last year’s iPhone, smh. my experience with these swap deals is that it’s better to find a buyer for your old phone, you get significantly higher value for it (as long as you’re not selling to a reseller)

  2. I bet by the time they’ve evaluated and cost the phone,you’ll be getting paid peanuts for it..

  3. You are so right.

    You could find a buyer to purchase at 70percent of your old phone value if you are patient but these corporate swap act like they are doing you a favour by buying from them, irrespective of duration of use.

    You could buy a new phone today and come back next day to swap and you will hear plenty cock and bull stories about how devalued your phone got overnight.

  4. Selling your old device yourself is better than going for these downgrading swap deals at these stores

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