Advertisement Here’s a quick guide to unlock your iphone 4 running basebands 03.10 and 04.10 that are not factory unlocked. Currently, there is no software


How to Unlock your iPhone 4 using the Gevey sim.

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Here’s a quick guide to unlock your iphone 4 running basebands 03.10 and 04.10 that are not factory unlocked. Currently, there is no software unlock for the basebands. There are 2 methods available for your unlock.

1. Buy an official unlock
You could do a quick google search for this as quite a number of sites offer online unlocks of the basebands at fairly affordable prices. I however cannot guarantee the validity of a number of those sites so you need to be careful.


2. Use the Gevey Sim
The Gevey SIM unlock uses a SIM interposer which sits between the baseband hardware and the SIM card itself to perform the unlock procedure, rendering iPhone 4 basebands 01.59.00, 02.10.04 03.10.01, 04.10.01 all unlockable.

The Gevey SIM is a much thinner SIM that must be placed on your regular SIM card so that both fit into the phone’s SIM holder. It must stay in place at all times for the phone to stay unlocked.


It’s a pretty reliable unlock method however it can be inconvenient at times especially in areas with poor network coverage as you have to repeat the unlock procedure if the signal is lost for more than 2 minutes.

Here is the step-by-step guide to using the Gevey sim unlock

Step 1: Dial 112 then hang up after 2 seconds


Step 2: Wait 15 seconds, then switch your phone to airplane mode

Step 3: Wait until you get this message ‘No Sim Card Installed’

Step 4: Once you get that message, switch off airplane mode. Your device will probably show “Sim Failure” for a couple of seconds and then should unlock by itself.


Let me know if this was helpful. I know a couple of readers have been asking for this on my twitter account. Oh, and by the way, my iPhone 4S is due to arrive this week. I’m already having pre-excitement jitters! Keep checking Mobility for the first Nigerian review of the iPhone 4S and Siri!

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  2. @bosun99uk,

    Yes you can. I got mine in Benin for about 8k. You should be able to get it in computer village in lagos or any iphone retail outlet.

    This is not mentioned by Ayo, but I need to mention that you have to cut your microsim a little on the top right hand corner to enable it sit in the carrier. Care must be taken here so as not to damage the chip.

    Funny thing, my MAN sim cut to size had been working with the gevey sim for the past 3 months and suddenly could not access gprs. I thought it was a network problem so I switched off my iphone and on again but to my surprise, it could no longer work with gevey. My gevey is not faulty cos it still
    works with my top and airtel sims

  3. Typos with android share inevitable. I mean my MTN sim could not work with gevey. But my glo and airtel still work.

    I just did a welcome back and have my scissors and scalpel ready for another microsim creation.

  4. These iPhones are real headaches o. Cut SIM (can no longer use without an adapter – in conventional phones), then buy a companion_SIM . Battery dies and a technician has to do the replacement. Can not swap memory cards about,

    Upon all the headaches, damned expensive.

    Not me, thanks!

    I cherish the beauty in freedom..

  5. Much thanks Ayo and DeolaDoctor

    I actually have a friend that has an iPhone4 with one of those stubborn base bands. This sure will be helpful.

  6. I have been battling With trying to unlock an iphone4 using the gevey sim and haven’t been successful. Hopefully Ayo with be helpful tomorrow.

  7. @Belushi,

    What’s the baseband of your iPhone 4 and which Nigerian network are you trying to use with gevey sim?

  8. @Ayo,

    Thanks for this timely article. It is obvious from above comments that the iPhone 4 is not the easy one to handle. Especially the one upgraded to iOS 4.3.5. Even those of us that claim to know a thing or two about iPhones are having one or two issues.

    Is anyone out there using iPhone 4 with gevey sim on MTN network and having no issues? My own just stopped accessing GPRS two days back. Switching on and off made it no longer usable with gevey though it still works well in other phones. Other microsims I have works without an issue with the same gevey. Well, I thought I’ll do q smart one, I did a sim swap(welcome back) and promptly did a surgical on the new sim but alas, just the same with the old sim.

    Am I the only one with this experience? Has MTN started playing funny with gevey as they did with opera mini? I hope not because if they do, they’ll be the loser. The amount of data used by an average iPhone geek is enormous.

  9. Please i beg u in d name of God,i have activated my iphone 4s with d gevey sim using airtel so i change dis sim to mt n and sinc den it keep u writing activation ios 6.1.3

  10. I have an iphone 4s and at first used airtel to activate the gevey and it worked. Coming to a new location needed to change to Glo cos airtel netwrk here is limited. How to go about the activation? Need help… Its was done for me in computer village and now I can’t go to lagos I need help ASAP.

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