How to update Infinix Smart 2 to Android 9 Pie

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This is a quick guide on how to update Infinix Smart 2 to Android 9 Pie in a few easy steps. The tips are valid for updating Infinix Smart 2 Pro as well.

If you own the Infinix Smart 2, or the Smart 2 Pro, the Android Pie update for your device is already rolling out. We detail how to update your Infinix Smart 2 to Android 9 Pie in this quick guide.

update infinix smart 2 to android 9 pie

How to update Infinix Smart 2 to Android Pie

The update is available ober the air (OTA), meaning that you do not need a PC to download and install it on your phone.

On your Smart 2 or Smart 2 Pro, go to Settings >> About Phone >> System Update.

Tap the update button and if the update is available for your device, it will display the software info. Tap the option to download it and sit back.

When the file has been downloaded, your phone will prompt you to install it.

When the installation is completed, your Smart 2 phone will restart with Android 9 Pie running on it. Congratulations!

how to update Infinix Smart 2 to Android Pie

How to update Infinix Smart 2 Pro

The procedure on how to update Infinix Smart 2 Pro is the same as for the regular Smart 2. So follow the same steps highlighted above.

All Smart 2 and Smart 2 Pro devices are expected to get the update before the ending of January  2019. Because updates are often in stages, don’t worry if it hasn’t arrived on your phone yet. It will.

The software update began rolling out to devices in India first and will eventually get to everyone everywhere.

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  1. Mr.Mo!. Today is 1st of February & I’ve not seen the pie update for smart 2.. Can you proffer a solution on how I can get it?.

    1. Hi Chingyworld,

      Unfortunately, it does not seem like there is any other way now than to wait for Infinix to release it for Nigeria. I am yet to find a means of downloading and flashing the update.

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