How to update WhatsApp and other apps on low memory TECNO (and other) Android phones

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Low memory updating apps

Owners of TECNO Android smartphones with very low internal storage (low memory) space constantly run into a situation when an update is available for an app, e.g. WhatsApp, they get a “Insufficient Storage Available” error when attempting to install the update.

Here is a straightforward solution to this problem. When you get a prompt to download an update for a specific app, once inside Google Play Store, follow these steps:

1. Tap on the app that you want to update. You will see two options: “Update”; and “Uninstall”.

2. Select “Uninstall”, and all previous updates to the app will be uninstalled. This frees up space on your phone.

3. Now, tap “Update”. It will download and install the current update, and you are good.

The above procedure should work for any Android smartphone that throws up the same memory error when attempting an app update.


  1. I have had issues with low memory with apps installing to the memory card even though there is still ample space on the card, so its not limited to apps like Whatsapp, Yahoomail etc, which installs directly to the internal storage.

    For Whatsapp, its is note worthy to make a recent backup of conversations and to chose the restore option when installing it back to the phone, so nothing is lost.Whatsapp automatically does a backup by 4am every day but this will not contain the messages up to the time the app was unistalled.

    To make a manual back up, navigate to setting within the app » Chat settings » then tap Backup Conversations. It takes less than 30 seconds to backup, then you can proceed to uninstalling the app.

  2. or you can root your device, install super user, install link2sd link your applications to your partitioned memory card, u can have up to 100mb freed, no memory problems

  3. My whatsapp is not working but when i try to download it, it keep telling me my time and date is not accurate, but my date and time is working colectly

  4. then the version the version of whatsapp u trying to download and install is either too old or its meant for a higher or lower android version than that of your device…advise – download whatsapp as an apk file through any web browser and install it manally make sure it is supported by yo android version then install it remember to enable external sources installations in settings on yo phone

  5. when i tap on my whats up app on the screen its giving me two options
    1)google play store
    2)application info
    so my question is where du i tap at it so that it can bring that option of uninstall

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