Disclaimer: Do this at your own risk. Mobility isn’t responsible for whatever happens to your device. So don’t blame us if you incur any damage.

Updated: How to use GLO BIS on Android

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Disclaimer: Do this at your own risk. Mobility isn’t responsible for whatever happens to your device. So don’t blame us if you incur any damage. The below procedure is tested and it works. Changing of IMEI is illegal in some countries.


Be sure to follow the steps religiously, and you won’t run into any issues.

The trick here is to change your Android’s IMEI number to that of a Blackberry. Copy the IMEI of any Blackberry phone, preferably a dead/damaged one. But if its an active phone, make sure they’re not using GLO BIS on it. If you can’t go through the stress, use this PC tool to generate IMEI numbers for yourself.

  • Download this software GIP v4.1 here and unrar the file.
  • Copy and paste the three .sys files inside the  C:Windows folder.
  • Double click on GIPv4.1 to open it.
  • Click on Generate **** imei. Ignore the notice, and Click on Continue.
  • Write down the Blackberry IMEI number generated.

This procedure for now only works on MTK based devices i.e Android phones that run on MTK processors Tecno, Gionee, Infinix etc. For this to be done, you have to be able to access engineering mode.


Dial these codes to access it:- *#7465625# or *#*#3646633#*#*


If it doesn’t work, install any of these two apps from Google Play Store:

  1. MobileUncle tools. Open the app, Click on Engineer Mode> Engineer Mode (MTK)
  2. MTK Engineering Mode

Screenshot 1-horz


Screenshot MTK


Having done this, 1) Swipe from right to left to reach Connectivity option, 2) Click on CDS information, 3) Click Radio information.

Screenshot 3-horz


If you have dual SIM Android you’ll see TWO options Phone1 and Phone 2 select your preferred SIM slot.


1. Input the IMEI in this manner :-

  • “AT+EGMR=1,7,”IMEI_1”
  • “AT+EGMR=1,10,”IMEI_2”

(replace IMEI_1 OR IMEI_2 with your IMEI no) and tap on SEND command button, for example: “AT+EGMR=1,7,”35XXXXXXXXXXXX”


2. Check again to verify the number you typed is correct.

3. Click the SEND AT COMMAND

4. Save, reboot your phone and you’re good to go.



  • 1,7 denotes changing SIM1.
  • 1,10 denotes changing SIM2.
  • Back up ur IMEI number first by screenshot, so in case of any issues, you can easily revert back.
  • Make sure to input the correct number else, Your device won’t detect any SIM. (Until you input a correct working IMEI number)
  • Two devices can’t use the same IMEI number on one network. Subscribe to different networks if you’re using the same IMEI number.
  • The IMEI number is 15 digits nothing more nothing less.

After rebooting, open your phone dialer and verify the IMEI is changed by dialing *#06#. Now head to your phone’s network settings and create a new APN:

  • Name: GLO BIS
  • APN : blackberry.net

Then Save.


Load up N1000 on your line, send the sms Comonth to 777, and wait for confirmation sms. If you can’t wait, look for any Blackberry phone around, insert your SIM inside it. Test and be sure its browsing, then remove the SIM and reinsert it back on your Android.

To check your data balance, text Status to 777. Here’s how to Rollover GLO BIS

Update [24/2/2015] : A good fellow has developed an Android app for generating IMEI numbers. This makes the whole thing easier. Using the app is easy and straightforward all credits to @codeberg


Download BBGen apk HERE

Update [28/4/2015] : For those using KitKat and Lollipop Android phones (running Android 4.4 or Android 5.0/5.1)  After inputting the IMEI number in this manner “AT+EGMR=1,7,”IMEI_1” Make sure to leave a blank space after the AT+ command before clicking on SEND.

E.g “AT+ EGMR=1,7,”IMEI_1”


If you don’t do this, the process won’t be successful

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  2. After changing the IMEI of my phone and for any season whatsoever I desire to revert to the original one, how would I go about this?

  3. Just curious though, why publish something that may have the slightest hint of illegality?
    I’m not a lawyer tho.

  4. Before changing,take a screenshot of the old IMEI for keeps. Then follow the same procedure to revert back.

  5. How Can That Be Done On Samsung Galaxy S3?

    The Changing Of Imei Only Works On Phones With Mediatek Processors, I Believe.

    Thus, Your Samsung Galaxy Can Not Partake Of This…

  6. Men check out the disclaimer. That can scare anyone except the die hards. Gentlemen, once again the beauty of android.
    But really, I tend to agree with Nelson. I think its irresponsible to publish ways of doing something illegal. Its not like there are no other ways of finding out about this. I was just wondering.

  7. Hi Mr Elroy, can I change the IMEI my infinix zero to that of BB? But, I subscribe for etisalat 3GB data and I still have it but not browsing. I have a BB with glo network and Internet is also working to. So, with your explanation now, If the IMEI of that infinix zero with etisalat line can be change it will work. Or is that not so?

  8. Hi elroy, please i would like to know if the GLO Bis is still working for android currently. Thanks.

  9. Good evening. Kindly assist me in generating a valid BB IMEI as I can’t download the generator. Thank you. How do you intend sending the IMEI to me? Thanks again.

  10. I have Vodafone 785 with MTK CHIPSET…..I have tried changing my imei with mobile uncle tool….I still an error message…. please help….

  11. Pls d MTK tool aint changin my IMEI its always givin an error message as thus
    ” This command is not allowed in UserBuild” pls help

  12. Dial *#06# to reveal the IMEI number. Please do not subscribe on the same GLO network on both phones.

  13. After I changed the imei on my glo infinix, i subscribed, got the 3gig data but it is not working

  14. Will give this a try, but whats the data allocated for Glo BB 1K subscription? and after successful config, can it be shared via mobile Hotspot to other devices?

  15. Hello sir have seen it work on some one phone but can i use an old blackberry phone imel number which the phone is not working anymore

  16. This procedure won’t work on Samsung’s (unless its an MTK clone), and I doubt it’ll work on another network asides GLO Nigeria

  17. pls my phone is telling me ‘command sending fail”, pls what could be the cause and what can I do about it?

  18. I also tried it on my tecno h6 and it work perfectly Despite the fact that I share the same imei with my sister that use blackberry bold 2 but she is using airtel line on it.
    10 Q sir for sharing this

  19. You’re welcome Goke, As long as your sister is not using GLO for BIS, you both are safe 😉

  20. This is the text i received when i rebooted my device”Wàelcome! Your BlackBerry 8320 cannot receive any settings. Please visit our web site, http://www.gloworld.com, or call Prepaid: 121 or Postpaid: 200 to be configured.”

  21. Last week, I subscribed to Glo’s 4.5GB So Special plan and I could only use it for WhatsApp. Like seriously? 4.5GB for WhatsApp only? Funny stuff. After 3 days or so, full browsing was restored. This week, I have not been able to use my GLO SIM comfortably – very poor network. In short, GLO has really disappointed me this year. All they do is system upgrades!

  22. The codes are entered in the dialer interface. If that doesn’t work, use the MobileUncle app option

  23. Sir I tried to change d ime of my phone but I couldn’t I got dis message back…. This command z nt allowed in d userbuild.

  24. Hey, I would like alert you to the fact that the Glo BIS is no longer working on Android MTK devices, cos the usual msg ” Your Blackberry bla bla bla cannot recieve setteings…” No longer comes in even after u change the IMEI. Seem the Glo network had taken a move to finally stop it.

  25. I tried this on the Innjoo One and got an error that says something like “This command is not allowed in the userbuild” too.

  26. @mr mo put space in front of the AT or is it BTW the AT & , sha one of them. plus don’t forget to use mobile uncle to backup Imei, tis much faster and easier

  27. pls i have generated imei but how will i know that another person has not used it on glo. urgent reply pls. thanks.

  28. Hello Amos, It will not work on your phone. Just go ahead and look for a suitable data plan

  29. Hello Ola, there’s really no way of knowing. But chances are no one is currently using the one you generated

  30. pls I subscrib to Glo bis on my android after following step two changing imei and others.. but since yesterday I’ve being getting dis msg Welcome!BB subscription is pending activation.Please remove & insert battery after 1 hour.Helpdesk 333 would be available in 24 hours.Thank you. Glo Unlimited. pls help

  31. Hello Mary, Insert your GLO SIM in any Blackberry phone for the BIS to be activated quickly. Subsequent subscriptions/activations can then be done from your Android phone. Make sure to set access point as blackberry.net .. Cheers

  32. Hi bro
    I tried everything I changed the Imei but yet it not working because when I changed the APN to blackberry.net and the data it won’t show connection at all but if change it to like rim.blackberry
    .net it will connect but won’t browse on the Bis subscription

  33. I’ve changed my imei and the bis is working fine but i can’t download from play store or any android market

  34. The bis is working fine but i cant download from play store. Help me out please

  35. boss thanks for d gud work but after inserting d Imei generated and press send at command,this is what it shows AT command is msent and I off the device but the Imei doesn’t change,this is d 4th times

  36. weldone boss,pls am dealing wt an itel phone and it does not have Engineer Mode MTK,its Engineer Mode Android,what can I do as per the configuration for Glo bis

  37. pls can u send me or type the list of phones that can work or benefit with this service or opportunity

  38. Most phones running MTK Processors. Not all of them. It encompasses Tecno, Infinix, Gionee

  39. Thanks God bless u sir. I am downloading on google playstore. but if i upgrade my tablet i hope it will not affect the imei no. of the blackberry installed on my tablet, becos i am really enjoying the bis

  40. Hello Elroy, I did everything you instructed but after clicking “send AT command”, and restarting my phone, the IMEI still remains dsame when I check it by dialling *#06#. Pls any suggestions? I use Gionee M3(marathon)

  41. Hello iLex, After the AT, leave one blank space before sending the command, the IMEI change will be effected

  42. Good morning Elroy…
    I did as U directed “put a space BTW AT command. It showed msent (sth like that) meaning success but wen I restart my fine n check the IMEI, its still same old… Maybe I’m not restarting in the right manner? Maybe after clicking send, there’s sth I’m not doing b4 restarting? PS don’t be upset…. Help me out…. Thanks a bunch

  43. One other thing, do I need to put up those quotes? Also, in the final step4, u said “save, restart and u re good to go”. Is restarting the way of saving or there’s s way I have to save b4 restarting the fne? Thanks

  44. Once it says command mSent, this means it was successful. Reboot your phone and check

  45. Hello Elroy..
    It finally worked… U didn’t mention that the IMEI was to be put between quotations I.e “1222667889”…. That was what I had to do for it to take effect…. Thanks…

  46. I change my nokia XL imei to dat of BB buh wat I notice is dat d two imei in d phone is now same., buh after dat I sub wif glo bis buh after inserting on BB n browsing 4 awhile n I return to my phone, it only browse 4 3-5mins b4 d H disappear n Neva come up again until I repeat d process! Pls help me sir!

  47. Bros i have done that download the file generate the imei number and also change it on my adroid subcribe to blackberry.i was browsing on the bb now put it on my adriod still not browsing but browse on my bb, but dont browse on my adriod samsung

  48. Are you sure the IMEI changed? Did you set APN as blackberry.net
    pls check these things

  49. Greate post. Keep writing such kind of info on your page. Im really impressed by your site.
    Hello there, You’ve done an excellent job. I will certainly digg it and individually recommend to my friends. I’m sure they will be benefited from this web site.

  50. Thank you a bunch for sharing this with all of us you really understand what you are speaking approximately! Bookmarked. Kindly also discuss with my website =). We can have a hyperlink exchange arrangement between us

  51. Pls boss i want to use this on my Samsung phone …..
    how will i configure it ….

  52. I couldn’t change imei on my itel but there’s sm1 using the glo bis without a changed imei(also itel)..it worked a few minutes and then stopped…please what can I do??

  53. What if I dint backup the imei number that came with the phone before changing it, is it possible to know my previous imei number thank you.

  54. i just got innjoo1 android and have generated several IMEI no. and it did confirmed it dat msent blabla and restart as u ordered, all i got when checking my imei was d same old no.does it mean my device is not supported ? pls sir need ur reply asap !

  55. Hello sir what exactly have done wrong that make this blog owner ignored my post? I posted here few weeks ago asking to know if this method can work on injoo 1 but up to date no reply, till i eventually got d fon and now i have been entering several IMEI on it even received AT COMAND msent but still my fon’s imei is yet to change. Am still apealling to you sir. What should i do

  56. Sir Kenny. No one ignored your post on purpose. Root the device and try it again

  57. For some time now have not been able to extend my subscription it keeps saying try another data plan. Is it that it has stopped working or what?

  58. Pls sir iv successfully changed my imei and sub for bis but its only whatsapp that’s working. I can’t connect googl store. I need help. Tanx.

  59. Try other browsers to be sure your device is actually browsing. I’m pretty sure your Google Play is trying to update itself, give it time.. Make sure you’ve set APN as blackberry.net

  60. I have promptly followed the whole step but its still not changing my imei number, I’ve even added space after the AT , though it was telling me command msent, but the imei is not changing

  61. pls, i nid help, i changed my imei to that of a friend using globb plan already on his bb phone, and also i sent bbcmonth instead of comonth, is that y am getting ‘ Welcome!BB subscription is pending activation.Please remove & insert battery after 1 hour.Helpdesk 333 would be available in 24 hours.Thank you. Glo Unlimited’

  62. Thank you very much for the tips. Problem is after I rebooted the phone, i got this “Welcome! Your BlackBerry 8320 cannot receive any settings. Please visit our web site, http://www.gloworld.com, or call Prepaid: 121 or Postpaid: 200 to be configured.” i have changed the APN as you said. What can i do now? Please respond because i noticed some others had the same issues and asked but i didn’t see any solutions for them. Thank you very much

  63. Once you get the text, you have no issues. Set your APN subscribe and start browsing

  64. Pls I have been trying to change the imei on my infinix hot, it’s not changing even tho iv been getting the #msent mssg, Pls what do I do. Thanks alot

  65. After it says ‘Command mSent’ reboot the device, the change will be effected

  66. i use infinx x351. when i click on Engineer mode(MTK) in mobileuncle i cant swipe right or left to see the common data service or anything. i just see a list of features that doesnt include cds or radio information. what do i do? do i need to root first?

  67. Hello Donald, it appears your device does not support CDS Info so it won’t work on your device

  68. hello, i just got innjoo1 android and have
    generated several IMEI no. and it did
    confirmed it dat msent blabla and
    restart as u ordered, but when i insert the sim am using to browse from my Android fone he didn’t connected at all does it mean my device is not
    supported ? pls sir need ur help

  69. You have to be sure the IMEI number actually changed. Secondly, make sure you created a new access point before trying to connect to internet

  70. I have an issue i activated d glo bis but my devices infinix hot note pro insist dat my android must be rooted but i dnt want to root it becoz my device is still on waranty so is there any way i can use d Sim without changing my Imei number?

  71. Thanks a lot for the information posted on this page, it has helped me a lot. Thank you Elroy

  72. please sir i tried d following steps but i subscribed d bb plan on my android bcos i couldn’t get a bb phone…. and it says subscription is pending but i can still browse with it without any credit

  73. Just reboot your device and wait it will be activated. The essence of inserting inside any blackberry phone first is for faster activation

  74. I was using the mtk engineering before my phone spoilt. I changed my imei again afta getting the phone back from carlcare but my glo sim of abt 2g bb data refuse to browse afta I changed the imei and vpn setting.

    I called glo bb careline and d guy told me the setting of Bold5 I used its imei and am using infinix zero. He said option>device>advance system settin>ccp/id>uncheck>cable host browsing>register now.

    Pls how do the setting on my infinix fone?

  75. Lol.why call customer care in the first place. When you know the plan isn’t official.I’ll advice you to generate a fresh IMEI number, and change it. Put in the appropriate settings and your phone will browse again

  76. Plz boss I have try to browse since yesterday but I guess glo have block it totally

  77. Even though I could change my IMEI then use South Africa’s network BIS purchasing bundles?

  78. Hello
    I do use N1000 GLO on my IPAD since last year
    But I noticed since last week is not connecting again and I got the same complain from my friends too
    It seem it as stopped huh
    So please do you have any new Update for N1000 GLO on ipad?
    Hope to read from you soon..

    REMEMBER ON MY BlackBerry
    bcos of this,
    glo Network

  80. y ‘r u inviting so call mistake, later blaming ur self ungodly,
    y can’t u use airtel line since they have giving out 3g for #1500 instead of having so many issues on u,jst different of #500
    Thanks, wishing u good lock

  81. You’re wrong. You dont uuse Glo for calls, its horrible here. I prefer MTN for calls, glo for data. 1k 3GB on my passport. I dont even complain anymore, as long as internet works

  82. A very huge appreciation for ur good wk. Thanks. But I still hv little issue wch I knw u can solve. My gioneeE7 is is not responding to rooting. D MTK option settings doesn’t come up to enable me change d CDS informations nd all. But it initially work on my gionee E5 very well. I even try other means to chng d IMEI but can’t chnge it. Pls hlp me.

  83. Hello Nat, The problem is that your Gionee E7 doesn’t run MTK processor. Sadly, this procedure will not work on it.

  84. Ok chibex. So what do I do to enable it work or accept d rooting. Or any other info wud do. Thnks.

  85. Just wanted to ask if all d steps as been followed can I browse on my android phone by pairing it with my blackberry using mobile hotspot?

  86. Please does this thing still work… Coz I have successfully changed my imei number but yet. I hardly works for me

  87. It still works. What is your problem? IMEI doesn’t change? or Subscription doesn’t work?

  88. I could not change my JTY D101 android 4.4.2 imei to bb imei. I received d message “This command is not allowed for user built” pleases what do I do. Thanks

  89. Read the post again for what I said you must do on KitKat devices. Leave a space after the AT+

  90. Please i just got an Archos 40c titanium, it claims to have MediaTech chip, the MTK type but has refused to enter engineer mode, i would appricaite some help here, it runs the android 4.4.2 Kit Kat and i have tried a lot of tins

  91. Evening Sir… Please i need help, tried using glo bis on INFINIX HOT NOTE X551 but its not working after rooting and also changing the imei

  92. Just got me my first MTK smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note 2,wondering whether this tweak can work on it..

  93. Pls,with the phone being on Lollipop do I have to leave a blank space after inputting the AT+ command like in KitKat?

  94. I have tried on my HTC one xl buy it keeps saying mtk not supoorted , is there anyother way

  95. Hi there. I need help. please?
    I have a Hisense Infinity Pure Mini. The phone is using too much Data. I want to change it from using Data to using the BIS plan. I know there is some highly secretive setting on all Android phones to change this, I just don’t know where or how. Please HELP??

  96. The HTC ONE Xl unfortunately doesn’t come with a Mediatek Chipset and will not be compatible with the tweak which is ONLY for phones with the MTK SoC..

  97. same thing is happening to Mi want to knw how u deal with it…. my digit 07037470554 whatsapp

  98. HV not been able to rollover my bb plan it keep saying I suld try another data. any help. N.B. HV change my imei num if its the case bor still the same respond.

  99. Pls i hav successfully changed my imei, i use tecno c8 bt its nt showing ‘H’ sign or shuld i subcribe 4 d glo bis b4 it will show ‘H’ sign and also z it meant 2 show d ‘H’ even witout switchin on my mobile network?

  100. Pls….I successful changed my imei and sent d code for 1k subscription but it has been on pending activation since yesterday… what should I do?

  101. Remove your phone from ya android. Get a blackberry phone and re-try subscribing. After subscription, use ur sim to browse on that BB for like 1-2hours. Switch ur sim back to ur android, it should work then.

    NOTE: don’t forget to set the apn and IMEI cloning

  102. I was able to successfully change my IMEI number but after reboot it seems my phone 1 which I did the tweak on with my glo SIM switched to phone 2 and SIM 2 with original IMEI on phone 2 switched to phone 1,I had to remove the two SIMs and swap the slots,is this normal or something..

  103. After subscribing for the BIS plan I got a message from glo to remove my battery and insert later which I did,now my issue is that even though they’re still telling me subscription pending and all that but I’ve been browsing with the SIM without having my money deducted,any need to look for a BB to confirm or do I take the subscription was successful..

  104. Am using infinix 551,I did mine long time ago but my question is this………I want to give out the phone and if the person am giving it subscribe via glo line,will the BB subscription still work?

  105. Text “Status” to 777 to verify but I won’t advise you to do that. Keep using ur mb especially if the #1000 was already deducted.

  106. With glo network’s current improvements,this is really coming in handy for a lot of consumers,hope they don’t get it into their heads to block this..

  107. Cool bro this is nice .I tried it but other phone is not showing a 3g at the top of my network or even the Capital H+ as usual pls help .

  108. evening sir. thanks for the good work. pls i just bought a nokia xl nd i want to use glo bis on it but whenever i click on MTK SETTINGS on the mtk application,.i got the error message “cannot find engineer mode app” pls, do assist

  109. the Nokia XL uses a Snapdragon SoC, this tweak is only available on devices that use MediaTek chips

  110. I changed the imei of BDF tablet with uncle tool and said command is msent but when I dialed *#06# it refuses to change. What can I do sir.

  111. i have follow the steps and i was able to do it. but i dont have a blackberry to activate the pending bb subscription

  112. you don’t need a BB, just follow the instructions for subscription, it’ll take some time but it’ll be activated

  113. The reboot u re talkinq about… Those it mean 2 wipe ur fone entirely or jst 2 switchoff nd On… Dats all… Have tried d switchoff and On, Countless times but didn’t work in chanqinq d Imei it only says command msent then I will switch d device off nd on it back, unfortuantely it won’t work… Wat do I do… Please help.

  114. Pls am using infinix hot 2 5.1 lollipop and I have tried everything written here but its giving me an error message. Any hint on what else I can do?

  115. Please the comonth is no longer available, can one still use somonth. Will it work. Glo is wising up.

  116. You don’t understand my point. If you dial *777# comonth is no longer there.

  117. no, you can’t. your device has a Qualcomm chip, this only works on devices with MediaTek chips

  118. Please I’m using a Huawei Honor Holly Hol-U19 nd I don’t know if it will work on the phone. I do need asistAnce.

  119. Good day Chief Editor, nice article.

    I already have this tweak on my phone and it works perfectly fine.

    I wish to subscribe to the glo 3gb weekend plan for N500 so I can download some large files.

    What I wish to know is if I can go ahead and do this but switch the APN from glo bis to glo flat. Will I be able to use the data?

    Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

  120. I subscribed a week ago and It has been working perfectly not until I got this message after some days”Welcome! Your BlackBerry 8320 cannot receive any settings. Please visit our web site, http://www.gloworld.com, or call Prepaid: 121 or Postpaid: 200 to be configured…. what should I do please

  121. Hello, good morning sir! My phone Itel Prime note 1701 doesn’t support mtk. What should I do

  122. Sorry, this doesn’t work on phones that don’t have an MTK processor

  123. I went to a phone repair place and got an IMEI swap and had it unlocked but it’s not rooted. Can I root my device now without undoing everything?

  124. I Av Been Using My Android After Changing My Imei Number And Enjoying It Well But All Of A Sudden, I Sent D Command (comonth To 777) And I Got And Error Message. Pls What Happened?

  125. Hello, Jossy for months now the data plan has changed, and now charges double data

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