How to use Google Contacts on your Nokia X

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CardDAV-Sync - Accounts Sync

The Nokia X does not come with Google services built-in. One of the implications of this is that user are unable to synchronise their Google Contacts to the phone. However, there is an app for that. CardDAV-Sync is a CardDAV client for Android to synchronize contacts. Installing it on the Nokia X, it integrates seamlessly with the default contacts app, People.

Download it from a 3rd party store. We recommend 1Mobile Market (click to download). After installation of the app, launch it and add your Google Contacts details.

  • Server Name:
  • Username: your Google account username
  • Password: your Google account password

Once setup is completed, go to People (that’s the contacts app on X), and configure it to display CardDAV contacts. Like this:

You should see your Google contacts populate your People app. Enjoy!

PS: Do note that the app is still in beta. If you run into issues, sending a detailed description of the problem to the developer will help.

Say thanks to Soji Ogunnaike for the tip:


  1. An alternative (depending on how many contacts you have) is to install “Contacts Transfer” (available in the Store and/or preinstalled) and Bluetooth your contacts from your old device to the Nokia X.

  2. Typed the following before seeing your comment:

    The new update ( to the Nokia X allows you to transfer all your contacts (via the aptly named “Contacts Transfer” app) from another phone via Bluetooth. It was a breeze when I did it. Less than 6 minutes to transfer about 1500 contacts.

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