If you would like to use less data on Instagram, the app has a new feature that reduces your consumption. Here is an easy guide on how to use it.

Use less data on Instagram by following this easy guide

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If you would like to use less data on Instagram, the app has a new feature that reduces your consumption. Here is an easy guide on how to use it.

You already probably know that one of the greatest data guzzling apps on modern smartphones is Instagram. If you use the app a lot, a good chunk of your data goes there. Which is no surprise: images and videos are heavy file types.

The data to load all those images and videos must come from somewhere – your data subscription. Or in layman’s terms, your pocket. And it adds up. Many smartphone users complain that their data now runs out fast. Most of these complainants are Instagram users who are looking for ways to reduce data consumption.

As a matter of fact, we have been asked by many Instagram users if there is any way to limit data usage on the app. Thankfully, the app’s developers have done something about it. Follow the steps in the next section to use less data on Instagram.

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Activate data saver feature to use less data on Instagram

Instagram has added a new data saving feature to the Android app. When active, this feature restricts images and videos from loading in high resolution unless and until you wish for it to happen. As such, images and videos load in smaller, low-resolution formats by default, saving you data.

It is quite similar to how the data saving feature on Facebook works, but provides you more options. Of course, Facebook owns Instagram and it makes sense that the feature is finally available on Instagram as well.

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To activate Instagram’s data saving feature, open the app, then go to: Settings > Account > Cellular Data Use. Toggle on Use Less Data. You will see three options to select from:

  • Never: Instagram will not show you high-resolution images and video.
  • WiFi Only: Instagram will only show you high-resolution images and video if your mobile phone is connected to WiFi network.
  • Cellular+WiFi: Instagram will always show you high-resolution media.

To use less data on Instagram, select the Never or WiFi Only options.

If you opt for Never, anytime you are using Instagram, only low-resolution media will load in your app. This results in lower data consumption and lower data costs for you. Of course, you can also tap on the specific images and videos that interest you to load high-resolution versions.

If the WiFi Only option is your choice, your phone will load low-resolution images when using mobile data but load high-resolution ones when connected to a WiFi hotspot.

The good thing is that you have all 3 options there. Select either of the first two options to use less data on Instagram, or use the third option to continue loading high resiolution media.

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You can use less data on Instagram with the new data saver feature.

This new data saver feature on Instagram is useful for users who pay heavy tariffs for mobile data, or who are in regions with slower internet connectivity. This is because low-resolution images load faster when the connection is slow.

How to get the new data saver feature

The new feature is being initially rolled out to Instagram users in India. Global rollout will follow shortly, so keep your app updated. Sorry, iPhone users, but this is available only to Android smartphones for now, which is no surprise. If you can afford an iPhone, data costs shouldn’t be one of your 999 problems. You really shouldn’t be looking for how to use less data on Instagram or any other app for that matter. *wink*

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