How to use Nokia C3 as modem

The Nokia C3 is an S40 device and comes with modem fiunctionality built in. It is also one of the hottest selling non-smartphones out there today. The hardware QWERTY keyboard and social networks integration at a budget price makes it a compelling device.

This morning, I received an enquiry about whether or not the C3 could work as a modem with PC. The anser is a Yes, and here is a brief guide. Note that this tutorial is applicable to any other Nokia S40 device with modem functionality.

You will need a number of things:

  1. Your phone
  2. Nokia Ovi Suite for PC
  3. USB data cable

Setup your phone

  1. On your C3, hit the Menu key
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Select Packet Data, then Packet Data Settings
  4. Select Active

    If you already have your operator’s internet settings, select those. if not select any of the settings there as active, then go to Edit Active and manually modify the values to your operator’s settings.

Check our Quick Facts page for your operator’s settings.

Setting Up Ovi Suite

Download Ovi Suite and run the installation file on your PC

Launch Ovi Suite and then connect your C3 to your PC with the USB cable. Once your C3 is properly connected, you’ll see a C3 icon at the bottom of the app

In the left section of the Ovi Suite app, you’ll see “You can use your device to connect your computer to the internet.” Click the green “Connect now” link right below it.

How to use Nokia C3 as modem 1

On the following page, you are presented with two options. Select, I want to define the connection settings manually. Then click the Next button.
How to use Nokia C3 as modem 2

The page that follows lets you enter the connection settings for your operator. Enter Access Point, username and Password. Ignore the last field. Check our Quick Facts page for your operator’s settings.

When done entering the values, click the Connect button.
How to use Nokia C3 as modem 3

Ovi Suite should now initiate the connection of your PC to the internet.
How to use Nokia C3 as modem 4

How to use Nokia C3 as modem 5


PS: Just be sure that you have a bundle plan active or your airtime will be depleted should you do any heavy browsing.

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  2. 2011 and people still dont know how to use phone as modems themselves? Well thats serious… Lol
    @bosun..Nothing special bout nokia c3..Its just a basic qwerty phone overrated to me…It should sell for max 18k..I believe the price is too much for what you get

  3. @shayman
    what is special about the phone is the fact that it is just a basic qwerty phone.
    The phone is not expected to impress people using a smartphone it is more like a phone that gives qwerty to basic phones and come on the sound is not bad, plus the srceen feels is ok.
    Talking about being over priced is a different thing entirely, but i dont think Nokia phones are overpriced.

  4. @bosun, the reason i believe its overpriced is that, the LG GW305 with thesame specs except wifi..cost a whooping 10k less! Not to mention it can multitask! That which nokia s40 cant do..

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