If you do a lot of international travelling, chances are that you have watched yourself evolve into a free WiFI junkie. This is especially true

How travelling turns you into a free WiFi junkie

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If you do a lot of international travelling, chances are that you have watched yourself evolve into a free WiFI junkie. This is especially true if you are staying for very short periods.

Data roaming costs are high, and every sensible person tries to avoid going down that route. It is a last resort. Getting a local SIM is a great idea. It works for both voice and data, but is especially useful if you need to make calls while there. But if you do not visit a city often enough, it means you have to get a new SIM card and number at each visit.

Free WiFi zone

If you have no need for telephone calls, however, you may not see the need to buy a local SIM card. WiFi can fill the gap effectively.

And what is better than WiFi if not free WiFi; right?

The Hunt For Free WiFi

So, you find yourself swiping and tapping through your smartphone looking for free WiFi at the airport on arrival. Surely, every self-respecting international airport has that. Even Félix Houphouët-Boigny international Airport in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire had free WiFi that worked.

When you arrive at the hotel you are lodging, you search again. Shopping time? Walmart should have free WiFi, so you head to Walmart and search again. Bang! Even smaller store operations have free WiFi.

It is Friday night and what is a visit to a new city without exploring the nightlife? So, you arrive at this swanky lounge and as soon as you are seated, you tap and swipe to check for any available free hotspot.

Hopefully, you know that free WiFi hotspots come with security and privacy risks, but you probably do not care much at this time. Do consider using a VPN. Your need to stay connected is as strong as your need for oxygen. And so you search and search. There’s a list of some cheapest VPN services here at VPNAlert.

Internet access has become essential to living in the 21st century, more so when on a trip. Even where you need to make calls, VoIP – which runs on an internet connection – can save the day.

If you have instinctively hunted for free WiFi in every city you visit, congratulations! You are officially a free WiFi junkie. Contact us to collect your badge.

Note that there are some services that offer a “worldwide” network of paid WiFi hotspots though. You pay and you get a more secure connection. The problem is that many of such services do not have coverage everywhere you go, so at some point, you will still need to hunt.

Good luck, hotspot predator. May the Force be with you.

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  1. With countries like India replete with ubiquitous free Wi-Fi… hotels, airports, buses, cinemas, libraries, estautants, parks, banks almost always having (free) WiFi and with news like…

    The FCC just approved Elon Musk’s plan to launch 4,425 internet satellites.

    Kiss your provider goodbye.

    and not forgetting Project Loon by Google, internet access on the cheap (or, free) is likely on almost every nook and cranny of Planet Earth.. soon.

    Yes, internet access is the New Oxygen

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