HP kills off WebOS phones & tablets

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The smartphone world must be even more volatile than we all thought. You see, HP, the guys who purchased Palm recently, have announced that they are discontinuing WebOS phones and tablets.

Excerpt from the HP press release:

HP reported that it plans to announce that it will discontinue operations for webOS devices, specifically the TouchPad and webOS phones. HP will continue to explore options to optimize the value of webOS software going forward.

HP say they are looking at options. Perhaps license WebOS to other manufacturers?

Whatever, it looks like the lines just got redrawn again. RIP, WebOS?

  1. ‘A good hunter knows when to fight, and when to take flight’

    So say my people…

  2. Another one bites the dust!
    The timing of the announcement baffles me because PRE 3 was just released this month.

  3. The mobile space is so tight these days that only seasoned stayers should try venturing in with entirely new platform. I would have thought HP is in that mold but it is now obvious it isn’t.

  4. it’s about time, HP buying Palm & WebOS was just bad strategy. webOS didn’t have enough marketshare to justify it’s purchase. Bada and RIM a better chance at surviving, RIM may still be able to starve off the onslaufht of iOS & Android, throw in WP next year as microsoft wouldn’t just be content to sit on the flanks any longer. Mobile is the next IT boom, and it’s all about ecosystems. iOS is firmly in place, and Android is still on it’s way there, and microsoft already has that potential in wait (windows-xbox-zune-skydrive-office). Let’s all wait and see what the end of 2012 would portend

  5. @martinkem;
    RIM will survive if they up their OS, phone features and bring on board BBM cloud. So far, OS 7 is quite an improvement to OS 6 and runs smoothly on the BB 9900..
    Very impressed when I played with a colleague’s 9900 and I do hope this and upcoming devices begin a turnaround for RIM.
    Seriously, we need more operating systems not less,

  6. When the Head changes suddenly the thoughts and plans changes.

    When HP bought Palm with its webOS it was another CEO that was in-charge, The new CEO is responsible for the death of WebOS.

  7. It’s strange Palm’s Web OS had to go this way. Not like this. Definitely, it shouldn’t have been this way.

    The last time I checked the Hp’s WEB OS TouchPad was going for $99 in the US. I say this would’ve been the best time to be in the US. Son as to pick up the incredibly cheap tablet computer.

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