Why HTC 8X owners should forget about Windows 10 Mobile update

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Owners of the HTC Windows Phone 8X smartphone who have been hoping for good news with respect to getting an update to Windows 10 Mobile should count their losses, lick their wounds and move on. The 8X won’t be getting a taste of Windows 10, according to HTC UK:


The 8X is a 1.5GHz dual-core 2012 flagship running Windows Phone 8.1. It is equipped with 1GB RAM, and so technically should be able to run Windows 10 Mobile. However, technically or not, HTC has ruled that out. That isn’t entirely unreasonable though, as we are looking at a 3-year old device here. Still, what do you think? Should HTC have given the phone a chance?


  1. that’s true, but they did release the M8 for Windows after that. the devices are 3+ years old, i don’t think anyone is surprised they’re not getting the upgrade

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