What has a 4.3-inch display, runs Windowsphone 7 and is in our office at MobilityNigeria right now? Yes; it is the HTC HD7 monster. The

HTC HD7 Windowsphone First Impressions

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What has a 4.3-inch display, runs Windowsphone 7 and is in our office at MobilityNigeria right now?


Yes; it is the HTC HD7 monster.

The first thing that will arrest your attention with the HD7 is the size. This is huge. Next up is the display – 4.3 inches of capacitive goodness is irresistible. You sort of love the phone immediately. That is until you find out that it is actually best defined more by what it cannot do than what it can. Take a look at the long list of wants:

  1. No copy/paste
  2. No multitasking
  3. No Bluetooth file transfers
  4. No USB mass storage mode
  5. No internet tethering
  6. No Flash support in the browser
  7. No video calls
  8. No DivX/XviD video support

The list of missing features almost gives me a headache, and I actually developed one when I really started using the device. It is almost unbelievable. Leaving an app means that it is closed, so forget about multitasking.


Still, the HD7 is impressive in lots of other ways. Take a look at the specifications:

  • Windows Phone 7 operating system
  • 1GHz Snapdragon Processor
  • 576MB RAM
  • 4.3″ capacitive LCD touchscreen of WVGA resolution (480 x 800 pixels)
  • Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE support
  • Dual-band 3G with HSDPA (7.2 Mbps) and HSUPA (2Mbps)
  • 8GB Built-in storage
  • 3.5mm audio jack
  • Standard microUSB port (charging only)
  • 5 megapixel auto-focus camera with dual-LED flash
  • 720p video recording
  • Dolby Mobile and SRS sound enhancement
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth 2.1 + A2DP
  • Accelerometer for screen auto rotation
  • Office document editor
  • Facebook integration
  • Built-in A-GPS receiver
  • Stereo FM Radio with RDS
  • Kickstand

First Impressions

Getting my mails, contacts and calendar onto the device was a joy. I simply set up my Google-based email account and the HD7 synced everything flawlessly.

Getting anything else – music, videos, et al – onto the device has been a royal pain in the butts. You see, there’s no USB mass storage mode. There’s no Bluetooth file transfer. I am yet to download the Zune software that enables PC synchronisation. But why do I have to do that in this day and age?

I like some parts of this device, and I am absolutely stumped by others. The user interface is nice, but so limited that it feels like a hybrid monster to me. Also, that display is a fingerprint mega magnet – and the fingerprints hinder your viewing pleasure, especially in sunlight.

But I am so, so tempted by that email app and the web browser. More detailed reviews coming in after I have used the HD7 more extensively.


  1. I read the review of this phone on gsmarena.com. Personally, I dont think I’d buy a phone with a screen size that’s more than 4″. I’d rather just buy a tablet of 6 or 7″.

    And those limitations are too much and unforgiving to me. Of what use is the topnotch RAM, processor,built-in storage and other goodies if you cannot multi-task?

    No deal.

  2. With the above limitations, this ain’t no phone… even for calls.
    Porting another OS to it would be cool with its spec sheets.
    Dunno if Microsoft would be pushing updates though.

  3. Having used six Windows mobile devices with several platform upgrades from Pocket PC 2002 to Windows Phone 6.5, reading the limitations to the current iteration is really torture to me.

  4. The WP7 ui is unique and very interesting to me. I intend on getting an N8 this year but i expect this platform to have matured and fleshed out by the time i need another phone.
    We should be patient and give microsoft time as they have promised updates by next month.

  5. What have these microsoft guys been smoking?
    Are they making phones for experimentation purposes only or are they in business ve sell and make money? This is definitely one idea gone bad. Is this phone selling? If it is, then i have to really sit down and re-examine what i consider essential in a phone.

  6. This does not qualify as a smartphone at all….worse than a feature phone in d basic standards so its simply….DUMB!

  7. Microsoft has already announced updates to take care of some of these worries by users. I wonder why they removed them in the first place. Probably to gain speed as most wimos (old models) are known to be very slow

  8. Damn. A nonsensical phone, I MUST say! I just can’t make sense of all this! With the Spec sheet available, any other OS apart from windows phone 7 would shine in it. Be it Android, Symbian, iOS or even the deserted Windows mobile 6.5!

    The Hardware is superb. But coupling this fabulous Geek Envy with the possible moribund Windows phone 7 is a total recipe for failure. I wouldn’t touch it!

  9. At least, Microsoft have given their word about Copy and paste.

    Soon you’ll be able to copy text from emails, text messages, web pages, and Office Mobile documents, and paste it anywhere you can type.

    Source: Windows Phone 7 Updates

    By the way, watch out for my next article in the review of HD 7 and Windowsphone 7.

  10. Whao! Some outrage here. That list of 8 missing features on WP7 has got people screaming. Note that iOS only recently got some of those features added, and till date still lacks 4 of them, namely –

    1. Bluetooth file transfer (limited transfers between iOS devices available)
    2. USB mass storage mode
    3. Flash support in the browser
    4. DivX/XviD video support

    I know that some people will have my head for raising this, but in terms of functionality, iOS is only a little better than WP7. As for the WP7 user interface, expect my article on the subject shortly. I have some interesting things to say 😉

  11. @Yomi. It is interesting that you singled out iOS to compare with the Windows phone 7. I get your point. Why didn’t you compare it with Symbian in terms of user interface useability. Or Android which do not have native Bluetooth transfer too?

    As far as I am concerned, bluetooth transfer has never been my cup of tea, especially when I can use Wi-Fi to make transfers. And Wi-Fi happens to be faster! Also, in the case of Flash support, HTML5 takes care of that. I have been using the ios browser and I do not regret that Flash is missing. Never.

    Finally, with an application of VLC media player installed, Any iOS device can play virtually ALL Codecs!!

  12. @Yomi. It is interesting that you singled out iOS to compare with the Windows phone 7. I get your point. Why didn’t you compare it with Symbian in terms of user interface useability. Or Android which do not have native Bluetooth transfer too?

    The reason is easy to see – everyone is raving about WP7’s lacks. The only mobile OS that comes close to it in terms of lack is iOS. My comparison is logical. Very.

  13. I really have to keep quiet more and be careful about condemning things I havent directly experienced.

    Yomi, I am truly shocked at your praise of the UI. I have always wondered what could have made many reviewers and phone mnufacturers decide to invest in WinPho7, despite all those limitations.

    Only someone like you who has used a very wide range of phones with all kinds of peculiarities and subsequent experience can rightly claim the right to make a unbiased evaluation. I haven’t even seen an android device with my 2 eyes!

    I’m waiting for more of your WinPho7 reviews.

  14. My people, there is a bright future for WP7, it is certain that they will get all these updates soon and come to think about it, it does not look like there will be much fragmentation becos most of the phones are high end, so it is sure everyone will get the update.

    Buying a WP7 now might not be too bad as long as its not your only Smartphone, because ‘MEN’ those limitations are scary.

  15. Multi-tasking is back in Windows Mango.
    Bluetooth; too slow,
    There is an update for the missing copy and paste feature,
    If u ask me, i will say a great phone. how often do we use the other missing features anyway.

    kudos microsoft.

  16. you guys are even better with that phone,mine is so bad,do you know i cant even access my store on this nonsense hd7,forgive me,a phone with a good shape like this shouldn’t lack such features

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