HTC One (M8 Eye): End of the UltraPixel hype?

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HTC One M8 camera

The HTC One (M8 Eye) is an exact duplicate of the HTC One (M8), but with the 4 megapixel “UltrPixel” camera in the M8 replaced with a 13 megapixel unit. Finally, and hopefully, HTC is listening to the market.

Yes; megapixels are not all that determine the image quality of camera shots, but they are a huge factor. Why? More megapixels means more details. That is why no matter how good HTC’s hyped 4 megapixel UltraPixel camera was, it always fell behind the rest of the competition when it came to image resolution and details. As long as you are viewing the photos on the tiny screens of smartphones, 4 megapixel images may look okay. Transfer them to a PC and compare with comparative shots from cameraphones from Nokia, Samsung, Sony and others, and you are quickly cured of the hype behind UltraPixels.

Here is hoping that the M8 Eye is not a flash in the pan, but is the beginning of HTC taking their camera game more seriously. From now on, no more 4 megapixel UltraPixels please. The Taiwanese firm needs to step up to the plate and give us really challenging cameras on their flagships. Like the One on the M8 Eye. Pun intended.

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