Is HTC One M9 a worthy upgrade to the M8?

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The HTC One M9 is officially out. It has a newer processor, and a slightly beefier battery than its predecessor. It has stereo speakers boosted with Dolby Digital simulation, and finally a 20.7 megapixel camera with dual LED flash. So, HTC has learnt its lesson and ditched that silly Ultra-Pixel mess. Awesome.

But guess what? The freaking thing looks almost 100% exactly like the M8!!! It has the same display size, almost exact same dimensions, and almost a carbon copy of the M8. Check the full specifications here.

Look, you don’t do that when you are looking to dramatically improve sales of a device series. You do that if a device is already on a winning streak. The M7 didn’t sell as much as HTC wanted (and it looked almost like the M7). The M8 didn’t either. And now, you have a 3rd iteration that looks almost like the previous two products that failed to hit?

I know HTC is trying to keep expenses down, but this is a lazy design job, and it will cost HTC. Have a look at the two phones displayed above. Can you tell which is which? What HTC needs is a flagship that looks distinctly different from the two previous ones and with a strong selling point. I now that is hard these days in which smartphones have become commoditized. But still…

Bad move, HTC.

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