HTC One: The Red Pill Or The Blue Pill?

There was a lot of buzz and hype about the HTC One that was announced yesterday. The One comes with top specs and impressive hardware, just like the One X and One X+ did last year. Both of its predecessors didn’t make a splash, despite the fact that they were really good devices. Anyway, the One is here now.


I think that HTC are making a mistake with not including a microSD card slot and a removable battery. Apple gets away with it, but Apple plays in a different league, and other manufacturers should just stop trying to ape Apple. It is tiring! Only a brand with a strong cult following can keep swimming against the tide like that.

And that 4 megapixel camera? “Ultrapixel” label or not, people will walk into a store, see “4 megapixels” and turn away, thinking that it is inferior to what they already have. Most people. I also hope that HTC have modified how their custom skin, Sense UI, hogs resources in multitasking, such that apps in the background tend to close, as I experienced with the One X. That was one sore point with the One X. Still, there is 2GB RAM in here this time.

As a whole, I just find myself unexcited about the One. Who knows? I might change my mind. Change my mind or not, I hope that I am wrong and that the One flies off the shelves. A Forbes article is even more brutal about the One than I can ever hope to be. A quote from HTC Tries The Same Android Strategy As 2012, Will The Result Be Different?:

Last year it was the HTC One X. This year it’s the turn of the HTC One, with a 1.7GHz quad-core processor, a 2300 mAh battery, NFC, and a camera labeled as using ‘ultrapixels’. Just like last year, it’s tough to see this handset making any sort of inroads into the smartphone users pockets.

Brutal, but expresses my sentiments. I wish HTC luck and hope that the One helps them get a firmer footing in the smartphone market. So, a question to you: Are you taking the red pill or the blue pill? Tip: Go watch The Matrix.

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