There was a lot of buzz and hype about the HTC One that was announced yesterday. The One comes with top specs and impressive hardware,

HTC One: The Red Pill Or The Blue Pill?

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There was a lot of buzz and hype about the HTC One that was announced yesterday. The One comes with top specs and impressive hardware, just like the One X and One X+ did last year. Both of its predecessors didn’t make a splash, despite the fact that they were really good devices. Anyway, the One is here now.


I think that HTC are making a mistake with not including a microSD card slot and a removable battery. Apple gets away with it, but Apple plays in a different league, and other manufacturers should just stop trying to ape Apple. It is tiring! Only a brand with a strong cult following can keep swimming against the tide like that.

And that 4 megapixel camera? “Ultrapixel” label or not, people will walk into a store, see “4 megapixels” and turn away, thinking that it is inferior to what they already have. Most people. I also hope that HTC have modified how their custom skin, Sense UI, hogs resources in multitasking, such that apps in the background tend to close, as I experienced with the One X. That was one sore point with the One X. Still, there is 2GB RAM in here this time.

As a whole, I just find myself unexcited about the One. Who knows? I might change my mind. Change my mind or not, I hope that I am wrong and that the One flies off the shelves. A Forbes article is even more brutal about the One than I can ever hope to be. A quote from HTC Tries The Same Android Strategy As 2012, Will The Result Be Different?:

Last year it was the HTC One X. This year it’s the turn of the HTC One, with a 1.7GHz quad-core processor, a 2300 mAh battery, NFC, and a camera labeled as using ‘ultrapixels’. Just like last year, it’s tough to see this handset making any sort of inroads into the smartphone users pockets.

Brutal, but expresses my sentiments. I wish HTC luck and hope that the One helps them get a firmer footing in the smartphone market. So, a question to you: Are you taking the red pill or the blue pill? Tip: Go watch The Matrix.

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  1. Yeah, from the explanation of how the camera works, it may be able to at least match the present day crop of 8MP camera phones from the other manufacturers. But people are so used to the numbers that it may be a very tough task convincing them that one with 4MP is as good or even better. It will almost always sound like a step backwards.

    Even with the ultrapixel lens or technology, they should at least have maintained the 8MP standard when other Android manufacturers are already moving up to 13MP, effective or not to help reduce the amount of work required by their marketing department. They certainly will need to make a lot of noise about this technology and get out videos and still camera pictures to support their claims and pray that competing Android manufacturers do not come out with something ground-breaking, especially Samsung. Again, if Samsung should fit their Galaxy SIV with that 8 core CPU announced sometime early this year, it is definitely going to be very tough for HTC and of course other Android manufacturers. Should they (Samsung) do something magical with the camera on such device, then HTC will be forgotten quicker than they imagined. I wish them luck though.

  2. Since when did making a unibody phone that doesn’t allow removable battery and micro SD card become “aping Apple”. Na wa o. Someday, simply making a touchscreen phone will be labelled “aping Apple”. HTC One is a beautiful phone. Credit must be given to HTC for trying a different approach in an era where new device means adding to the number of cpu cores, increasing RAM size, bumping up megapixel count and increasing display to ridiculous sizes. HTC has been leading innovation in customized UI. Innovation that google ends up copying. The fact that consumers are not buying HTC phones in great numbers only goes to show that sometimes, more than hardwork is required. As for me, HTC One is an excellent phone.

  3. Mr Mo, you just expressed my exact sentiments. This write-up sums up the way I felt when I read that breaking news yesterday.
    Lack of micro SD and removable. battery aredeal breakers for me, and I believe a lot of people feel the same way.

  4. Mr. Mo, you hit the right spot. MicroSD and removable battery issues aside, HTC intentionally wants to appear like an iPhone 5 so as to be called ‘premium’. So, the One’s shape takes a cue from iPhone 5 (and of course BB Z10) and the body is made of aluminum,just like iPhone 5. And like Apple would boast, HTC also said that they have created ‘the best smartphone in the market’. Nothing wrong in all these anyway, but it all confirms Mr. Mo’s submission that someone is aping Apple.
    All said, all the gimmickry of ‘UltraPixels’, ‘BlinkFeed'(that looks like Flipboard) and ‘HTC Zoe’ just make HTC One a masterpiece meant for GEEKS only, not for ordinary consumers. Well, maybe going ‘loudly brilliant’ with massive marketing will help HTC this time to stage a successful comeback. Only time will tell, with Hurricanes Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5S/6 fast approaching from the horizon.

  5. @Baoku, if you really know HTC, you would know making premium unibody phones with high end materials is a trademark. Htc has always maintained its premium build quality. Even low end phones like HTC Chacha have better build quality than top samsung phones. The lack of removable battery and micro SD slot is a consequence of unibody design. This is not the first time they have built such a device. What is baffling is the reasoning that they are “aping apple”. Did apple invent aluminium? Older symbian phones had aluminium back covers. As for the appearance of the device, it indeed looks like the iPhone 5 but so does BB Z10. As manufacturers strive to cut down on bezel size, expect more devices to look like that.

  6. Efe,

    I initially decided to ignore your comments about this issue of aping Apple. However, you keep on and on about it. Anyone who has basic English comprehension skills can see from the article that my reference to aping Apple is about the lack of a microSD card slot and a removable battery. That is very clear from the article, yet you keep making it sound like I mentioned it in relation to the design or materials used.

    I wasn’t talking about the One’s Unicode design. Apple spearheaded the lack of those features that I mentioned. Everyone knows that.

    If customers want certain features and unibody design is keeping them from having those features, then ditch the unibody nonsense and give customers what they want.

    I don’t care about the unibody design. It doesn’t seem that lots of customers care about it either, as its not selling. HTC is aping Apple by leaving out those features. Simple.

    I don’t understand this kind of manipulation of plain facts. Kindly re-read the article and stop being such a fanboy.

  7. What I love most about the HTC one is its casing and design, If only I could have this case on a Samsung Galaxy S1V.

    The very point HTC wants to use to beat the market might as well make it difficult for HTC to market the HTC One. – UltraPixels

  8. @Mr Mo, HTC’s decline coincided with the release of HTC Sensation. That phone came with Micro SD cards and user removable battery, yet IT DID NOT SELL. From that period onward, HTC has been declining. The problem is not the lack of SD card or unaccessible battery although many people would love to have those features, the problem is the cult-like following Samsung has. If Samsung produces a phone with the build quality of HTC One and lack of those two features, people will fall over themselves to buy it. Sony makes good phones and most have Micro SD and accessible batteries, yet, they dont sell.

  9. HTC needs to work on marketing there products.

    Its even going to be hard marketing this phone with a stamp of 4MP.

  10. I so much love HTC. Their phone designs have always been premium. Including this HTC ONE. great device. I also think of all the UIs out there… Sense is the most beautiful. Love it for that too. However, each time I want to upgrade my device, I have been doing Samsung instead. Why? Spec sheet.

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