By a turn of events, the HTC One X was here at MOBILITY last year, and I had mostly good things to say about it.

HTC One visiting MOBILITY

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By a turn of events, the HTC One X was here at MOBILITY last year, and I had mostly good things to say about it. But if you were around back then, you would remember that I had an issue with it that required sending it to HTC’s support in the UK. You will also remember how HTC shipped it to the UK, fixed the problem for free and replaced the display and casing, and shipped it back to me – all for free. Read My HTC One X heads to the UK for repairs.

Anyway, that process brought me in touch with a few officials of the Taiwanese company, and I was delighted to hear from them this year that they would send me a unit of the spanking new HTC One on loan for review here on MOBILITY. The phone should arrive in the next 48 hours, and I can treat you to the usual suspects – features, reviews and tips. Hang around. Lots of excitement on the way.


  1. I am so waiting to read what u have to say about the flagship… I have read so many reviews, won’t be a bad idea to read urs… As I prepare to get mine.

    I had an issue with my one X. It fell off, and after about a month and half, it started to blur. I was then advice to fix the screen, and I got it replaced, but I still don’t have the phone back since feb. Course when they fix the screen, it kept hanging. What do u suggest? Should I send to Htc for repair? Cos I miss the phone so much. :(…

  2. Mr. Mo, I hope you still have the Nokia 808PV to compare how the HTC One will perform in the camera department. That’s about one area people will be looking out for improvements in the new HTC device. It would have been good also to see how it improved against their last year’s flagship i.e. the HTC One X and maybe even against either Samsung galaxy SIII or Note ???2.

    Unfortunately, getting all these devices together is not not going to be easy if not impossible.

  3. Ooohh, great news. Will be sticking around for this definitely. I really love the design of the HTC ONE. I have always wanted an HTC device… Probably this will be the ONE. Will decide after your review.

  4. Any chance I can also give the phone a spin when it arrives? Please let me know. Thanks ahead!

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