I have been having a particular issue with the HTC One X unit with me. The only way to describe it in one sentence is

HTC One X display goes to sleep while still on

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HTC One X in hand

I have been having a particular issue with the HTC One X unit with me. The only way to describe it in one sentence is that it looks like the One X’s display goes to sleep without having turned off yet. The display doesn’t respond, and the menu keys don’t either. You can “wake” the display up again by tapping the power button to turn it off and then tap it a second time to wake it up again, and everything is working fine till the next time it happens.

I did some internet rummaging for info on this phenomenom and found that quite a number of other HTC One X users face the same issue. I also found a possible solution and gave it a shot. According to the source, one of HTC’s recent updates to the One X messed up certain built-in apps and services.

I remember that on powering the One X up for the first time, an OTA firmware update was waiting, and I ran it. A few days later, there was another update, which I also applied to the device. I do not recall exactly when this issue popped up.

If you’re having this issue, this is what to do:

1. Hard reset your device (after backing up apps and files)

2. Go to Settings -> Apps, and disable the following:
– HTC Weather Provider
– HTC Weather Sync Provider
– Maps
– Weather
– Weather Widget

Disabling the above has reduced the issue to the barest minimum, not eliminated it completely. HTC certainly needs to rectify this via a firmware update.

Thankfully, none of the disabled services are vital to my day-to-day smartphone needs. Should I need to travel or find a location though, what would I do without Maps?

If you own a One X, I hope that you find the above tips useful. If you have not implemented the last update, please don’t, as there is the chance that this issue springs from that.

  1. The annoying thing is that they will pretend that the problem doesn’t exist unless it affects the majority of One X users. I still have to live with a frustrating reboot bug on my xperia. I found out that the problem has been around since last year. More annoying is the fact that this problem started after I updated to a new firmware.

  2. firmware updates. hmm.

    my Sony Xperia Pro has an ICE update available.

    I have not rushed to update for possible issues similar to this.

    it is probably better to learn from the mistakes of others by not bring an early adopter (unavoidable if you are a reviewer like Mr. Mo. chicken and egg problem. I know)

  3. That’s not ok for a Flagship and expensive phone, hoping they resolve it soonest.

  4. Just goes to show that there is NO PERFECT phone yet, and there will never be, as long as human beings are imperfect. Not even Samsung or Apple or any other can make a pure perfect device. They can all only make excellent phones, but will keep releasing new iterations of their flagships till the end of time.

  5. Eye.bee.kay, go ahead and update to ICS. You can never go wrong with it. You are missing a lot of the ics goodies o

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