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Goodbye HTC; Pixel development team now belongs to Google


Jan 31, 2018

The Google acquisition of HTC Pixel team has been concluded. The result is that about 2,000 dedicated engineers on HTC’s Pixel development team are now officially part of Google.

HTC's Pixel development team moves to Google

HTC has been behind Google Pixel smartphones and what Google has done now is move the team responsible for those devices under its own wings. It sounds like a smart move.

The affected engineers will remain based in Taiwan, where the Google Pixel development team will continue to operate from. Besides the transfer of human capacity, the deal also puts some of HTC’s intellectual properties in the hands of Google. This move, first announced in September 2017, has finally been concluded after regulatory approval has been given.

Everybody Is Happy

HTC, which has been struggling to stay profitable in recent years, is $1.1 billion richer from this deal. Google is happy; HTC is happy; the engineers are happy; Pixel lovers are happy. At least, all in principle.

Google’s Pixel smartphones have been runaway hits and have stood out especially in terms of camera capabilities. With the team that made that happen now under Google’s umbrella, other Android brands have got a tall order on their hands. Pixel smartphones currently lead the pack of the world’s best camera phones.

Let’s just say that google seems to have hit the sweet spot of smartphone photography and have invested to make sure that they keep that leverage. Again, smart move. Hopefully, they won’t bungle the opportunity.



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