HTC takes a shot at the Samsung Galaxy S5

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Samsung officially announced the Galaxy S5 (pictured above) today. Apparently, the folks at HTC were not impressed. So, they took a shot, as follows:

Whatever HTC has up their sleeves better leave the S5 in the dust. It looks like we have to wait till March 25 to find out though.

  1. In as much as I love htc in totality from devices to organisational setup I won’t fail to say that they are a samsung hater, not long ago in 2013 @htcuk tweeted that the htc one has A better design than the s4

  2. @peterjero, the HTC does indeed have a better design than the S4, it’s no lie, even reviewer attest to it. But HTC are Samsung haters as much as Nokia and many others are.

    I just find the whole thing funny.

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