HTC’s Sense UI on the Xperia X1?

Posted by Mister Mobility

The following screenshots are of a clone of HTC’s sense user interface as first seen on the Android-powered HTC Hero smartphone.

You would be forgiven if you assumed that the screenshots are from a Hero. But you would be wrong. The following screenshots are from a Sony Ericsson Xperia X1.

Main Page on the Sense Home Screen

Application icons on another Home Screen page

This Sense UI is a modification of SPB Shell 3.0, and works well so far.

Touchscreen responsiveness is good and landscape view is almost perfect, unlike the less than satisfactory landscape experience with Touch Flo 3D (not a ROM) I ran on the device earlier.

In my opinion, this is a keeper. Unless something better pops up, this is the UI I will keep active on my X1 for a long time.


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