With increased emphasis on mobile, gambling as a whole has been seeing a rapid shift in its development. This isn’t anything new, mind you –

HTML5 vs Native Mobile Casino Apps – Which are Better?

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With increased emphasis on mobile, gambling as a whole has been seeing a rapid shift in its development. This isn’t anything new, mind you – mobile has been big for a while, however the nuances have changed.

At the very beginning, Flash ruled the scene. If you wanted a cool looking website or a mobile app, you ought to have used a Flash powered application. However, Apple started the downward spiral which led to the death throes of this once very popular programming language. Nowadays, it is all about HTML5 and all the great things it is bringing for mobile players and developers alike. You can check this page of Blackberry compatible mobile casinos, if you plan on spending some time on real money gambling, and while there you can also read up on the latest casino reviews.

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With that being said, mobile casino apps are coming in two categories – the first is proprietary or native mobile apps. These apps have been developed by the online casino with the sole intention for bringing the games and cool bonuses to the mobile market. Most of these apps are either using a code from scratch, or some proprietary platform like Flash. A major drawback to these apps is the fact that most of them do not support all devices and mobile operating systems. Some might be played on Windows Mobile and Android, while completely ignoring iOS support. They also need additional support to be played on a tablet which is another big issue, especially if you want to play on a bigger screen.

HTML5 powered apps, on the other hand, are quickly becoming the norm for a good reason – they are widely used and the code is accepted across all devices and mobile operating systems, whether it is for a smartphone or a tablet. The apps are also much more versatile, meaning they can appear full screen anywhere, without the need for constant updates and adjustments for newer devices.

These types of apps are also great for several technical reasons – they are better optimized and run smoother on most devices, they take less space and have a lot of embedded social features for interaction on local and global level (via social networks).

One thing that HTML5 apps still lack is the widespread influence and recognition for real money mobile gamblers. This is of course subjective, seeing how more and more casino developers are converting their apps to HTML5. Still, the fact stands that most native casino apps are run using either Flash or some proprietary code and software.

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