Huawei GR3 Unboxing

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The Huawei GR3 is a 4G LTE, 5-inch Android Lollipop smartphone. The first time I set my eyes on it, it struck me as a phone that would capture my interest and probably keep it. Well, it wasn’t long after that a unit paid us a visit at Mobility Arena. And so, here is our Huawei GR3 Unboxing.

The packaging is simple: a compact red box:

In it, you find the device itself, with a transparent protective case fitted already at the top of the pile of contents.

We pulled out the phone and emptied the box to find: screen protector, a SIM pin attached to the documents box (containing leaflets), wall charger plug, USB cable and a 3.5mm audio earpiece. That sounds like a complete package.

With the Huawei GR3 Unboxing done, we picked up the phone itself for a look. There isn’t anything special about the front of the Huawei GR3. It is an average look. There’s a 5 megapixel front-facing camera at the top, along with a proximity sensor.

The GR3 offers you a handful of shortcuts from the locked screen, giving you easy access to certain functions without the need to unlock the phone.

Huawei’s Emotion UI is really nice and breezy. It does away with the standard Android app drawer. It displays notifications that you can interact to achieve tasks faster. For example, you can reply an incoming message by clicking “Reply” on the message notification in the drop-down menu. Nifty.

As always, I checked network mode. The GR3 lets you peg to a 3G network, but not to a 4G network. As such, though it is a 4G LTE smartphone supporting the appropriate band, my Smile SIM wouldn’t work in it.

The phone has an Ultra Power Saving mode for conserving what is left of the battery when you are running out of juice. This is what the homescreen looks like in that mode:

While the front of the Huawei GR3 is nothing special, the back shell is pure class – all-metal casing. It looks good and feels great. I wish Huawei had used this same material for the front, but I am guessing that we would then be looking at a higher priced device.

Here is the GR3 with the back protective case on it:

At the back of the GR3 is a 13 megapixel camera with LED flash.

The loudspeaker grille is at the bottom section of the rear of the device.

If you have enjoyed this Huawei GR3 Unboxing and your interest is piqued, you should have a look at the the Huawei GR3 specs. Elroy will bring you the detailed review of this nice fella.

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