Huawei mobile OS is in the works

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While there is news that Huawei is working on upgrading EMUI into a more Android-like and less iOS-like skin, news filtering in is that a Huawei mobile OS is also in the works. Yes; Huwaei is developing its own mobile OS.

EMUI Huawei mobile OS

You may be wondering why anyone would want to invest in developing another mobile OS. It appears that it isn’t only Samsung that is concerned that one day, Android OS may not be as friendly to manufacturers as it is today. So, as Samsung has invested in Tizen OS, a team of developers are working on a Huawei mobile OS.

Huawei Mobile OS: From Nokia with Love

The team is reportedly made up of ex-Nokia employees, among other workers. Huawei seems to have taken in a number of ex-Nokia employees.

How Viable is another mobile OS?

Time will tell whether or not the OS will ever be seen on commercial phones. Unless it is revolutionary in a similar way that iOS and Android were many years ago, it will have no chance at success in the market. Samsung’s Tizen OS is yet to gain significant marketshare till date. However, Samsung’s continual polishing of the OS may yet pay off for them some day when it may be needed to call Google’s bluff.

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  1. apparently they have hired former Apple UI designer Abigail Brody so the UI should be better than what Huawei currently puts on their skins but otherwise I don’t see this being fruitful. even if they’re building on AOSP they still have a lot to do with regards to replacing GMS

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