Huawei now 3rd largest smartphone maker

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Huawei today announced that they are now the world’s 3rd largest smartphone manufacturer from the official Huawei Devices Twitter handle:

This announcement tallies with the recent IDC figures for Quarter 1, 2014. This is an amazing achievement, especially if you consider that as at 2012, the brand was not even among the top 5 smartphone makers. While 3rd in the smartphone market, the brand is in 6th place in the overall mobile market.

Global ranking aside, Huawei is relatively unknown in the Nigerian smartphone market. Its smartphone line-up is primary driven by Android OS. The manufacturer also makes Windows Phone smartphones.


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  1. Thought they were supposed to have opened shop officially in Nigeria as at two months ago…

    That Global Networks centre is something for their networks operations, not devices. A different ball game totally.

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