This instructional article highlights how to prevent water damage of your smartphone, as well as fix water damage where it happens. In the world we

Humidity And Your Smartphone

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This instructional article highlights how to prevent water damage of your smartphone, as well as fix water damage where it happens.

In the world we live in there is hardly a time when we don’t have some type of electronic device on us. Between our smartphones, our tablets, our computers, and our televisions there is hardly a time when we aren’t looking at a screen. For folks who call the most humid areas of the world home, the excess moisture in the air could cause a problem for their smartphones.

humidity on cellphone - prevent water damage and fix water damage

Everyone knows, for most devices, extra moisture floating around in the air is not a good thing. Besides the smartphones that are made specifically to be waterproof, water and devices do not mix. Of course, heavy humidity won’t have the same effect on your phone as dropping it accidentally into water, but a steady stream of moisture doesn’t help.

Shower Steam And Your Phone

Do you bring your phone into the shower? Or let it sit on the sink while you are in the shower only to come out and find a film of condensation on your smartphone? If you can’t see where we are going with this let us illustrate.

A steady flow of water on your phone, unless you have a phone that is water resistant, is not a great thing. The steam can penetrate your phone and condense as water when on the inside. Problems that can arise from this include short-circuiting the hardware or corrode the phone’s interior.

Steam Versus Humidity

While steam is much thicker, both it and humidity have one thing in common. They are comprised of excessive moisture in the air. While humidity may take longer to invade your phone, if you live in an area of the world where the humidity is far above normal, it may be in your devices best interest that you do something to create proper humidity levels, which can be done easily with a quality dehumidifier.

We care about your devices, which is why we post articles like this one or tips on how to clean your phone. Because when we think of how much our readers pay for their smartphones we want to do all we can to help you make them last as long as possible.

How To Prevent Water Damage

Eliminate The Moisture

As we’ve already mentioned, if you live in a home that has an above average humidity level then you might want to invest in a dehumidifier. These devices are a great way to level off the moisture in your home and could help prevent a series of other problems. High humidity can also create a mold problem in your home, which is not helpful to folks with allergies or asthma.

Other problems include warped wood, growing dust mite and mildew populations, and an all around uncomfortable feeling in your home. A dehumidifier can take care of all these problems as well as protecting your devices.

Make It Waterproof

There are cases on the market that are waterproof. If you find that your are constantly around water, or the chances of your phone falling into a body of water is higher than the average person’s you might want to invest in one of these. You can never be too sure you know?

How To Fix Water Damage

If you are past the prevention point and have already found your phone is working slower or not at all due to some exposure to moisture or full fledged water, these are some steps you can take to try and save your smartphone.

Silica, Not Rice

When it comes to a phone that has been dropped into the toilet, rumor says to submerge it into a bag of rice, yet there are professionals that say the grain could do much more harm than good. What does work well is silica, which are those little pouches when devices or other electronics are shipped.

Silica also comes in cat litter form, which is easily accessible at any pet store. If you can get ahold of this, use it instead of rice to dry the moisture out of your smartphone.

Dry It Out

Before you start submerging your smartphone into kitty litter try to save it by using a clean towel and drying everything naturally. Move your phone to a dry room and let the heat work on the moisture as well. If you own a dehumidifier, put the phone next to it and see if it can help.

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT use a hair dryer to dry your phone. This will only heat up the components and you will end up doing far more harm than good.

Take It To A Professional

If you cannot get your phone to turn on and it seems seriously damaged, you need to take it to an expert for disassembly and professional attention. You could attempt to take your phone apart yourself but, unless you are an expert yourself, we recommend you leave this to a person with experience.


Your best way to prevent water damage to your smartphone is to keep your phone away from water. Of course, we bring our phones everywhere with us and this isn’t’ always possible. To be sure that your phone lives as long as possible, get the items you need to protect it. Replacing smartphones regularly isn’t an option for the majority of consumers.

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