Humor : How I feel when I don’t have data!

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In this age of smartphones, we all know our devices comes alive whenever data is available. The notifications, buzzes, pings etc. makes the phone lively. When the data is exhausted everything grinds to a halt – silence follows, then solitude,elevating to a wilderness experience.

This tweet below gives us a clearer picture 😆


  1. lol, i used to feel this way but I’ve kind of found ways to keep myself busy/amused when I’m out of data or data services are unavailable. i read e books, listen to music, play games, watch the backlog of tv shows etc. of course this is a short term thing, after a few days it’ll get boring

  2. Much as I always have data, its not the most important thing on my phone. I read, write, play music etc… In fact, its a distraction most times. I appreciate constant data cuz it gives me access to solutions.

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