Humour: Back Ache and Crazy Minds

Posted by Mister Mobility

I have been grounded for the most part of this weekend due directly and indirectly to some serious aches I am experiencing. A key area that aches is my back (actually, in my waist area). This afternoon, I put up a status update that read:

This back! And I didn’t do anything o.

As if on cue, almost immediately, I got a message from my friend Vic, saying:

Vic: Wetin do your back? Or should I ask, What’s her name?

Now, you can guess where this is heading already, or you are a learner for life. Conversation proceeded:

Me: Sigh. ROTFL.
Vic: LMAO. Hope you have taken something for it.
Me: Yes; I have. Thanks.

We then chatted about a few other things a bit, then he returned to the subject:

Vic: Sorry about your back once again. Do get well soon. And stop seeing her.
Me: Thanks. I appreciate that. I will
Vic: She’s bad for your aging back.

By the way, almost everyone else sent messages in response to same status that basically said, “How do we know that you didn’t do anything?”

Sigh. I need a new set of friends. Honestly.


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One comment

  1. It is written, ‘all that is done in secret is made manifest in the fullness of time’ .

    A child curses the God Of Thunder, then looks back to dodge lightning. Doesn’t he know that the sins of today may be reserved for punishment tomorrow?

    A back_ache? There’s a cure for that.

    Ironically, it is the only situation we know whose cause is also the natural remedy.

    Of course, you copy me…. 😉

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