I was pointed to the user reviews of Samsung Push Service in Google Play this morning. The description of the app reads in part, “The

Humour: Do these users just hate Samsung or what?

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Samsung Push Service

I was pointed to the user reviews of Samsung Push Service in Google Play this morning. The description of the app reads in part, “The Samsung push service provides the notification service only for Samsung services (ChatON, Samsung Apps, AllsharePlay, Samsung Wallet, etc.) on Samsung devices. For example, you can see the new ChatON messages through the pop-up window on the device home and the new message count is displayed in ChatON.”

But you need to see the reviews submitted by users of the app. Absolutely ridiculously hilarious! Here are a few:

Super powers. Before this update was applied I would spend hours (sometimes days) on the toilet trying to go. My old software in my colon was just not good enough…..until now. With the all new Samsung push service not only do I go but I go instantly. Dont even have to wipe due to the sheer brute force. Thank you!

Thank you. I crashed my car down a ravine. Luckily with the latest update of this app, it helped me push it back to the top. It also carried out all the repairs and it didn’t cost a thing. Thanks Samsung.

Saved Thanksgiving!. I was on dish duty after Thanksgiving dinner. I looked at the pile of dishes and realized…this is no way to live! I installed the Samsung Push Service and felt a sudden wind at my back that helped me withstand the onslaught of verbal abuse that my wife dished out as I told her I was not going to do the dishes. Within minutes my wife was scrubbing pots and pans and I enjoyed a Manhattan on the porch. Thank you Samsung!

Rejoicing. Samsung Push Service has restored my morning bowel movements back to the regularity of youth. My colon has never been cleaner.

Amazing push. I was in great depression… I had lost my sword, I had lost my vision… but suddenly this amazing push came and I regained my power!! Thanks push, because IN THE END THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!

And here is a hilarious one:

AMAZING POWER! AFTER I updated this application, I started noticing people stepping out of my way in crowded places. I even started having people bow to my presents and submitting to me! Of course at first I didn’t know what or why this was happening, but then I realised the incredible strength I was gaining. NOW I am like a ruler of my people and someday I will rule the world!!! Thank you Samsung Push Service! Oh, I also grew a fantastic set of horns!

Don’t get fooled into downloading this app It killed my dog. It’ll kill yours too. Seriously.

And this one:

I’m jealous! After reading all these wonderful experiences people are having with the new update I’m still sitting here (actually on the throne atm) wondering when my life changing moment will come from Samsung. But instead I’m still stuck here with another unwanted app on my phone. KKCO my friends.

I haven’t used the app and so have no personal review of mine. If you have a Samsung Android phone, do give it a shot and perhaps come post your own user review in the comments section below. You can go see for yourself. There are lots more user reviews there than I can put up here. Samsung Push Service.

Many thanks to Gbenro for the tip-off.


  1. Lol i cant stop laughing this is hilarious, example of this is chaton samsung wont allow me to delete it.

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