[Humour] What happens when cops are armed with Lumias?

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Cops & Lumias

I read an article about how a leading Italian HR firm with operations in 19 countries switched from BlackBerry to Lumia for its employees. According to the news item, 800 employees of the firm now use a Lumia, and more soon will. Anyway, in the comments section was someone who said that a police force he knows has also been equipped with Lumias:

Windows Phone is making great inroads in businesses. A friend of mine (a cop who lives down the street) told me that his whole force switched to Windows Phones recently and he loves it. He plans on switching his personal phone to a Windows Phone.

All the cops got Nokia 822’s…. He’s pretty happy.

The fun part was a response to that bit of news about Lumia-toting police officers:

I feel bad for criminals being shot with the PureView cameras. They will easily be identified.

That’s a classic; isn’t it? I thought you’d enjoy the humour and pun too.

Meanwhile, it is good to see Lumias gaining ground the world over, especially in enterprise. It is sad though that this growth is partly at the expense of BlackBerry. Just this morning, I read Bankole’s article bemoaning BlackBerry’s current ham-handed emerging market strategy. I am largely in agreement with him on this. I am a sad BlackBerry fan right now.

But then this article is not about BlackBerry. It is about cops and Lumias. Men of the underworld better beware: even in pitch darkness, a cop carrying a Lumia 920, 925 or 1020 might just still shoot you! Get it?

PS: The photo of the Lumia 720 in gun-hold in this post was shot and fully edited on a Nokia Lumia 920.

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