This is a tough one for me, not because I don’t have lots of things to share about my experience with Pliris GYNJA, but because

Humpty-Dumpty: Mrs. Mo's romance with Gynja

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This is a tough one for me, not because I don’t have lots of things to share about my experience with Pliris GYNJA, but because I have never written about phones and gadgets. So, this is new territory for me. I was sent a Gynja power bank by the nice people at Pliris Mobile towards the end of 2012, and I have used it almost every day ever since. My experience with the Gynja have been a very interesting and funny one. I would have loved to write this review long ago, but gadgets are just not my thing. Thankfully, I have finally gotten down to writing it.

Pliris Gynja

Being a marketer, I receive and make a lot of calls on my phone whether I am at my seat or on the move. I do a lot of e-mail too. Apart from this, friends and colleagues chat with me on a daily basis as well. My phone is a BlackBerry and even though it is the 9320, a model with one of the most solid batteries among BlackBerry, its battery gets hit hard because of my schedule. My phone’s battery power hardly ever lasts me till the end of the day. Often, I had to use a car charger to top up power when I am on the move.

As things go, one day, my driver announced to me that the charging point in the car had gone bad. This meant the end of charging my phone in the car. But while still trying to get the charging point repaired, it was the Pliris Gynja that came to my rescue. It had arrived just in time. With the Gynja, I am able to charge my phone anywhere, even when moving from one location to the other. I simply plug my phone to Gynja and drop them both in my handbag. Gynja is so reliable that even after charging my phone with it in the office, say on a Friday, if there is no power supply on a Saturday morning and I don’t want noise from the generator, it has enough power left to still charge my phone fully.

Besides power capacity, it is a very rugged Powerbank. I am not joking here. I have lost count of the number of times it has fallen down and yet continues to run. Granted, most of the times, it falls on rugged floors, but the frequency is embarrassing. At one time, it fell down from my daughter’s hand and a couple of hours later, when I needed it, it didn’t come on. After several days of not working, I concluded that after the numerous falls, it had finally given up on the life of abuse that I subjected it to.

That was when it dawned on me how attached to the Gynja I had grown. I missed it so much and was sad for days. Funny enough, the built-in torch light was still working and the lights were still coming on, but the gadget just wasn’t charging my phone. Two days after, I came up with the idea of dropping it intentionally on the floor to see if that could knock it back to life. I was missing it that badly. So, I dropped it (Stop laughing) and it scattered into different pieces when it hit the floor. Thankfully, this was not Humpty-Dumpty, and I was able to put it back together again. The torch light was still working and the lights still came on when I switched it on, but it still wouldn’t charge my phone. It was as if I lost a loved one. One Saturday morning I took the Powerbank and threw it on the floor twice and assembled it again [“This is seriously abusive stuff. Don’t do this to your gadgets.”- Editor]. The torch light was still working and lights coming on, but no charging. It then occurred to me that it might be the cable, and not the Powerbank itself, that was the issue. Thankfully, Mister Mo is not short of things like that at home. I got one from him and tried it out, and Yess!!!! It was charging my phone. I was so happy and excited!

Thank God for the Gynja being a solid gadget. If not, I would have destroyed it without knowing that there was nothing wrong with it. Kudos to the manufacturers. It has been almost a year of daily usage and abuse now, and my Gynja is still alive and well.

Editor’s Note: The Pliris Gynja is rated at 5600mAh and comes with an array of attachable charging points, and costs N8,000. Email to place your order.

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  1. @Ayodeji – contact Mobility by email or telephone and ask them – I believe they deliver outside of Lagos, they will let you know the price.

    Mrs Mo (so Mr Mo FINALLY got you that new Blackberry eh?) that Pliris Gynja abuse….lol. At least you can say if anything it is robust 😀

  2. Awwwwww, very interesting piece especially the intentional dropping part, kinda reminds me of a phone with a popular vernacular name “drops doesn’t scatter”……not many devices out there is that rugged. Kudos to Pliris Gynja.

  3. The fact that this piece was written by Mrs and d part where she intentionally drops it to see if it will work goes to show how funny women think most of the time indeed this has to be the most hilarious review ever!

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