Hunt down mammoths with Big Hunter

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There are several games on the internet whose main selling point is simply something out of the box. Normally, when this idea is properly executed, it makes for a great gaming experience. One such game that combines a great idea with proper execution is Big Hunter. The premise of the game is simple: you have to hunt down a mammoth and kill it with a spear. In the modern world, where humans have loads of high-precision weapons to bring death to anything we want to, a spear is the last thing to come to mind when hunting anything, let alone a giant mammoth. Also, the mammoth is extinct. Therefore, these are things you would not normally encounter in the modern world. Therefore, thumbs up to the makers of Big Hunter for thinking out of the box.

With Big Hunter, there are no complicated plots. Basically, a long time ago, a bushman tribe lived in an outback settlement. Due to persistent droughts, the people were starving to death. The leader of the tribe goes out for hunting every day to provide food for his people.Big Hunter

The game itself is quite simple. You get to hunt down a huge mammoth with the simplest of weapons. These include a spear, a boomerang, and stones. Also, you hunt several other animals, like a giant terror bird and a woolly rhino, which are animals you won’t see nowadays. You get a training camp along the line, so you get the hang of the game before you go hunting. Meanwhile, you need to hit the animal a number of times in order to kill it. You’ll need to run away sometimes, though.

There are 100 levels available in this game, and it gets progressively harder as you progress. Some of the mammoths are really big and strong, which makes it nearly impossible to kill them. This means that you’ll spend quite some time trying. All told, Big Hunter is an interesting game with a fresh perspective. It is available for free on the Google Play Store.


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