Hurray!! Offline access will soon be a reality for Google Maps

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Google has just confirmed they will now add offline access to their Maps application. This includes offline search and offline turn-by-turn navigation. This is keeping in line with the company’s goal of taking Google services to everyone.

Google offline

The new feature is a welcome development at least in this part of the world where internet is not so stable, reliable, and expensive. It’s good to recall that Nokia HERE Maps have had the offline maps working, so it’s good seeing Google joining the trend. The new feature is expected to roll out later this year.



  1. Is it just me or does this seem like Google is playing catch up to the competition?

  2. Maaan! They really took their time. I was planning on removing the Google maps & installing HERE maps for that single feature

  3. Well if people can come here and their contribution to a post is “I can’t stand that OS”, I think my point is more than valid. I’ve already downloaded HERE maps so Google’s offline offering isn’t something I would shout about. If anything, that would be an option but HERE maps is good enough for me.

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