Hurray!! Xiaomi phones are hitting Nigeria this November

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Sometime in August this year, we announced Xiaomi was preparing to storm Africa and 14 other countries within the region – including Nigeria. Brethren, our dreams are almost coming to pass. Hold on tight, this November will be a memorable one. 😆

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Fresh reports from ITNewsAfrica states that some models of Xiaomi phones will be made available in South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya starting from mid-November 2015 onwards. This would be handled by MIA Group, as part of a distribution deal they signed with Xiaomi.

The source also claims that the Xiaomi Redmi 2 and the Xiaomi  Mi 4 are the two phones that will be sold. They also claim they will be available “at incredible price points.” We hope they keep to their words. The gadgets will be offered through “leading mobile network operators, online partners and (specialized) retailers”.

There’s no further information on pricing and availability. Are you as excited as I am?



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  1. I’ll believe the “incredible price points” when I see it. Let them arrive in a couple of weeks and post their prices.

    Hopefully Mobility Arena will be able to get its hands on a model for review 🙂

  2. Like the MiBand 2? And their earphones? Maybe the phones are the first small steps into the market.

  3. i guess Xiaomi uses resellers everywhere outside China, IIRC they use FlipKart in India

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