Hurray!! You can now peg Windows Phone to 3G

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We have asked, we have begged, and we have cried for so long that this should come to reality. At long long last, it appears Microsoft have silently heard our cries. It’s official, you can now peg your Windows phone to work only on 3G mode. To get this done, go to Settings – Network+ – Set it to ‘Use only 3G. Restart your phone. Done.

WP Only 3G network

We noticed this feature available and working on the Microsoft Lumia 430 Dual, and Microsoft Lumia 535 Dual in-house. Sadly, the Lumia 930 didn’t have the feature in place, probably because it’s an older device.

Somebody shout Halleluyah!! 😆


  1. Good news to Window phone users.I felicitate with them.Am thinking of coming back to join them.

  2. Haba since!!! Naw…. Anyways its d very best bcz any network that sucks just switch to 3G only n it will work the only problem is that for a dual phone like my Lumia 535 it totally switches off the other sim… Now that’s where call forwarding comes in…. Admin should expanciate to others..

  3. Somebody shout Halleluyah!!

    Are you kidding me?

    Anyways, when there is nothing to celebrate almost anything is promoted to the level of newworthiness.

    Shior to the WindowsGoats. We have been doing this on Android since the sinking of the Titanic

  4. Ah. I do not remember anymore. It has been a long time ago that I had the 1520. But if you search for my review, perhaps I mentioned the feature in there.

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